Umuolu community is a community in Nigeria, Ndokwa West Local Government Area, Delta State.

It’s a Riverine area, Umuolu is a community gifted with crude oil but still not in use till date.

The people of the oil rich Ndokwa East lamented on their deplorable state and lack of basic infrastructure, occasioned by sad neglect of the communities in the areas by the successful government, they need adequate development.

In this, the community need good roads, school and other development such as the event center etc.

The worst situation is the flood season which tends to be a very critical area of specialization, furthermore Umuolu community accomplished a primary and secondary learning institute named Umuolu Primary and secondary school.

Umuolu town celebrate festivals such as the fishing festivals called Oghe fishing festivals which is held on March 28 of every year, also we have masquerade festivals which is done once in every year and furthermore, the Umuolu people have a covenant with a nearby village called Umuti community.

The Umuolu people and Umuti tends to be on a covenant related with blood which makes their brothers and sisters and therefore should not get married to each other, it’s a culture and anyone defiled the culture will be dealt with.

Umuolu community and Umuti have festivals together which is done once in three years. It’s a dancing festivals which shows love and unity among each others.

Umuolu people are known to be discipline in their ways of greeting, dancing and addressing people, they tend to be very jovial (welcoming) and respectful.

Practically, on the way they dress in their costumes, they wear (for the men) white lace shirt and wrapper, a cap(in red colour) and a walking stick while the women dress in two wrappers, blouse and head tie.

In terms of their greeting particular, we kneel to elders and greet them “sepro” which simply means am on my kneels.

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