The Uzeba people of Edo State, Nigeria.

The Uzeba people of Edo State, Nigeria.


Uzeba is a village in owan West local government area of Edo state.

This village is known for its warriors and great hunters.

However, history has it that a great hunters called Uzebu from the great Bini kingdom during one of his adventures in the forest of the Owan discovered   this village and during this time, the ora people (ora was the original name of uzeba) were at war with the next village the ifon please.

Uzebu was able to conquer and defect the ifon people, so the ora people decided to crown him the leader which was equivalent to a king.

Moreover, king Uzebu brought so many development to the people, the people became very prosperous in hunting, gaming and carving.

The uzeba people have many festivals. Festivals like the age grade festival were men and women of the same age grade come together with lots of celebration,

The Obazu festival, this festival holds every year till date meant for men  initiated into manhood. Once a boy is eighteen, he is initiated  and this ceremony lasts for seven days and no woman(female no matter the age) is allowed to see them during these seven days. No female goes to the market, farm or river  any woman seen outside during this period, is fined a big goat and if such women refuse, she will be banished or wait for the wrought of the gods.

The Uzeba people main food is pounded yam and egusi soup with lots of bush meat like antelope, grass cutter, bush pig. When you see 100 Uzeba men, 80 of them are hunters. 

The statue you see in the center of uzeba town is that of king Uzebu the great hunter.

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