Ile-Oluji, my town, has been in existence since the reign of Oduduwa in Ile-Ife, the Cradle of the Yoruba People & Yoruba Civilization.

The history of Ile-Oluji started when one of the wives of Oduduwa - the progenitor of Yoruba people - named Olu gave birth to twin children - a male and a female; the Male being the Kehinde - second twin child taken as the senior by the Yoruba people - and the first twin child, Tayelolu or Taiwo was a Female.

As it was a taboo among the Yoruba people in ancient times for twins to be allowed to live; a very tactical and strategic decision had to be taken, immediately to make the Royal Twins live, faraway from Ile-Ife.

For, according to one of the Proverbs of the wise men and elders of the Yoruba, "Ìşe tá a bá şe şe omo 'Ògbèrì', a kò gbodó şe omo 'Awo' bé è" - "The same treatment must never be meted out to the child of the 'Un-initiate' and that of the 'Initiate's' "; the decision was taken immediately that the Royal Twins and Olu their Mother, must be taken out of Ile-Ife at nightfall same day to a far away virgin land to live, with the information ONLY Domiciled in the King's Palace and NEVER Filtering out.

Thus, the task to lead, harbour, care - for the New Royal Family in a New Found Land - and relate with the Source - Ile-Ife - and the New Land where the New Royal Family will have their new abode fell on a band of Warriors to be headed by Ìjã.

Ìja and his warriors took off from Ile-Ife same night with Olu, Taiwo & Kehinde for the Unknown Land and headed Easterly of 'The Cradle of Yorubaland.

After a period of long journey on foot, the team settled and made a  temporary military fortress for the Royal Family. Having stayed there a little longer than expected, the need for a name arose, and it was named, "Ękù Ìjámò(à)"  sometimes supplanted with an (a) due to changes in intonations due to movements. The name translate to "Territory founded by Ija or Ija's Foundland".

Something very important to know about the Real Intelligent Yoruba is that, they never just move, settle; name children or place or engage in some very important live-bearing event without seeking direction of Ifa, the source of commuting with Oluwa Olorun Olodumare (The Lord God Almighty) in Yoruba - Ifa - Religion. In this regard, therefore, moreso that it pertains to the Royal Family, An Ifa Priest was in the Entourage.

Eventually, they arrived at another Virgin Forest now to the East of present Okeigbo & Igbo Olodumare and settled there.

The new Royal Family of Oduduwa eventually settled down here - in the midst of the forest, with no name. And here, under the disciplined and  keen eyes of Ìja, the family; the troop and everyone started living, engaged in farming and other trades and grew in age and numbers.

Kehinde had become a young prince and engaged in activities in the new settlement, while Taiwo had a farm Southerly but not far away from her brother, where she cultivated Yams.

Suddenly, Queen Olu died!

An emissary was sent to Ile-Ife of this devastating news. After all the Consultations, General Ija was told to name the new Habitation after late Queen Olu, with Kehinde prepared for Coronation as the King.

The name of the New Settlement, where Queen Olu transited (not dead, according to Yoruba belief; that Royalty does not die, but transits) should be named, "ILÈ TÍ OLÚ SÙN TÍ KÒ JÍ" which means, "The Land Where (Queen) Olú Slept And Never Woke Up). Which for ease of interaction, in later years was abbreviated to "ILE-OLUJI".

Kehinde, The First King of Ile-Oluji, direct male descendant of Oduduwa through Olu was crowned as the New & First King of Ile-Oluji Kingdom and thereafter was given the Power & Authority to crown her Sister, Taiwo the King in Ondo Kingdom. 

Subsequently after this, all Kings to come from Queen Taiwo's generation must have their Source as Ile-Oluji, and must have their Right of Kingship Passage & Rituals performed in Ile-Oluji and  Crowned by the Generation of King Kehinde Oduduwa of Ile-Oluji, in Ondo Kingdom as Decreed from Ile-Ife.

Today, Ile-Oluji is bounded to the South by Ondo; West by Okeigbo & Igbo Olodumare; to the North by Ipetu-Ijesha in Osun State and East by Akure.

Today, ILÈ-OLÚJÍ is in Ondo State sharing boundary with Osun State to the North through Ipetu-Ijesha.

Ile-Oluji is the Land of Humble & Peace Loving People found in All Planets of The World, which has produced Industrious; Astute & Reliable Businessmen; Distinguished Civil Servants & Clergymen; First-Class Educationists (with about 35 Professors in all disciplines spread worldwide, largest numbers in Ondo State); Exemplary Diplomats; Farmers (having largest Cocoa Farmland & First Cocoa Producing Company in Ondo State) & Successful People at Home & In The Diaspora.

Ile-Oluji is blessed to have a Federal Polytechnic and Diocesan Headquarters of many Churches. Though my Town is 98% Christian, She is a Study in Religious Secularism in Nigeria as everyone celebrates the others mode of serving God of Almighty. 

This is "The Story of My Hometown, ILE-OLUJI, The Headquarters of Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo Local Government in Ondo State".

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