The people of Onipi Adoka, Benue state Nigeria

The people of Onipi Adoka, Benue state Nigeria


Onipi is an  Adoka  village, in Otukpo local government of Benue State Nigeria. Onipi-Adoka is a village named after a river that cruise across the historical habitation that belongst to about 3 clans of the aienyi- okwola descendants of okalekwu. Okalekwu himself is the son of Adoka, after which the whole districk is named.

Onipi is composed of ai-enyimere, aiogabaniko, one other clan and the igala brothers (ejema) clans. These siblings that has birth 100 hundreds of generations are still found living and farming side by side.

Onipi itself is situated to- wards the middle eastern part of Adoka. It has a major Federal interstate road linking (Makurdi) Benue State to(Ankpa), Kogi State. A tourist coming Markurdi will pass through Naka, Opa, Okpeje, Aune, then Onipi. Apart from Naka all other villages are Adoka villages. As you move westward, you will get to obena, Aukpa and Adoka center as well as several other Adoka villages.

Onipi like other Adoka citizens are mostly farmers with a serene guinea savanna and seasonal streams& small rivers which makes the farming more seasonal.They also teachers, as well other traditional and secular proffesions.

The culture and traditions of Onipi are not far-fetched from other Adoka and Idoma by extension. They speak the Adoka variant of idoma which is a blend of Ohimimi, Otukpo  and ApaTheactice of alekwu is predominant amongst the old and traditionalists, while the Christan culture diffuses amongst majority and a few practice Islam. Ejealekwu is still being practiced as it symbolizes a historical salvation story about the Adoka ancestry.

The mostly celebrated idoma cultural food on'ihi and okoho soup with wildlife meat is still the symbolic food. Other diets contain maize, sorghum, fish, livestock,okra, beniseed, etc

The Onipis are very peaceful and hospitable people with beautiful culture.

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