The people of Ibiasoegbe

The people of Ibiasoegbe

 Ibiasoegbe is a village in  oru West L.G.A  of  IMO State. It's known for their strength and power in the ancient times, the name was given to them during the war by their neighboring  villages, "Ibiasoegbe" in English literally  means Ibi is never  afraid of  a gun. It has seven other villages  that is  under  it, they are Amadaba, Umorie, Eziama, Umuonisha , Ubahaogwugwu, Ubahaibi, Aruibi all been  ruled by a king  known as  Igwe Onyebuagu. 

Ibiasoegbe  have a deity known as  Ekeibi  its  believed to be a  python  and this  has brought a belief that people from ibiasoegbe  don't eat Python because they believe its  their  gods. They have a  culture of  masquerade,  each village under ibiasoegbe  have about  five  masquerade. This culture of  masquerade is normally  observed by  young  men and elderly men, masquerade  often  appear at  burial of  older  men and  during  festive season. Ibiasoegbe  indigenes mostly  cultivate cassava and three  leave Yam.  In the  modern time Ibiasoegbe  is known as a land  of  peace and excellence.

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