Oraifite is a community with rich cultural heritage, booming agricultural endeavors, industrious men and women as well as other sumptuous characteristics that marks it as one of the most sought after habitat in Igbo land. It is located in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, the state that distinguished  itself as the Light of the Nation.

It is bordered on the East by Nnewi, the West by Atani, the North and South by Oba and Ozubulu respectively. And it is made up of four sub-clans which are Unodu, Ezumeri, Irefi and Ifite.

The traditional ruler of the Oraifite people is known as 'Obi'.

The primary occupation of the Oraifite Clan is farming. Also business activities of all sorts especially motor spare part and electrical business are very prevalent among the Oraifite people.

There are varieties of dishes common to the Oraifite people. The most popular being 'abacha'. Abacha is a very delicious dish made from cassava which is spiced with vegetables and smoked bush meat. It is served with freshly tapped palm wine.

The New yam festival is an annual festival celebrated across Igbo land.

It is celebrated with great joy and feasting with thanks to Ani the god of fertility for a successful farming season

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