The history, culture, beliefs of the people of “ogbomosho”(Ajilete).

The history, culture, beliefs of the people of “ogbomosho”(Ajilete).

 history, culture, beliefs of the people of “ogbomosho”(Ajilete).
Nigeria is located in the western coat of Africa. Nigeria have several people with different culture and beliefs such as Hausa ,Igbo, Yoruba and many others. But this article would take you through a journey to know about one of the popular local government in” Oyo “ Nigeria called ‘ogbomoso’.

Ogbomosho was founded in the mid 17th century, according to the census conducted in 2006 it’s  population was 245,000 and it’s indigenes are yoruba speaking people ,who highly value their culture and traditional practices. There is room for different religious practices such as christianity, islam and also the traditional worshippers who worship idols such as Ogun, sango ,orumila , esu  .

Now talking of how Ogbomosho got it’s name , there lived aa warrior called Ogunlola who was able to behead  a terrorist called Elemoso who has been terrorizing Oyo ile. Which is  why the king decided to appreciate his courage by giving him a chieftaincy tittle which he refused to accept and requested to go settle down else where, which he became the paramount  leader  ‘Soun’ of Ogbomosho.

How can I talk about Ogbomosho without talking about (Alagba )  the great tortoise who lived for more than 3 centuries in the king’s palace which has witnessed different king’s take over their father’s throne before Alagba died at 348 years . Alagba understands Yoruba , eats human foods such as amala, pounded yam, rice and her favorite fruits was watermelon and pawpaw. But she also eats grasses and prostrate to greet guest who come from different places to see her .

In the city of Ogbomosho where there are different masquerades called (Egun), when ever its Egun festival people dance round the town in company of the masquerade while he prays and bless them .Among the masquerades permit me to tell you about the most strict one which is (Agan) who moves round the town all by himself this is because it must not come in contact with humans and if he does the person who came in contact with him would face the following consequences such as; death, loss sanity or his/  her blood would get drained without remaining a drop while the other masquerade who share same similarity is ( Oro) who only welcomes the company of men if a woman should come across with it she would bare same consequences as that of Agan. Which is why the town crier goes round the town to inform the people ahead of time  so the people would remain indoor pending till they are done with their activities.
The people of Ogbomosho have a great taste for delectable foods such as amala ewedu and gbegiri soup, tuwo and gbegiri , moi-moi elewe and eko ati akara, ekuru and many others.

The people of Ogbomosho are very good and nice to live with which is why non indigenes  have been living beyond their expectations and inviting  others to come enjoy with them which is why many have invested fortunes to the growth of the city.
Trust me Ogbomosho ”Ajilete ” is a home for all and a place to be .

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