They are also known as the Igarra people. Igarra is located in Akoko-Edo local government of Edo State; it is also the capital. 

Igarra is a town noted for the hills around it. It is a rural environment. The people speak the Etuno language which is a variant dialect of the igbirra language spoken by the Kogi people. History describes them as migrants from there, but there are versions that trace their roots to Benue. In many ways, the Igarra language is unique in Edo State.

The citizens of Igarra engage in farming. Their crops serve as both subsistence and commercial; yam and cassava are staples. The women are occupied in trading which they carry out on the several market days at different locations. The market days have different names such as 'Ofu Amomo'. The women also engage in weaving the native cloth.

The people of Igarra have traits of the Yoruba culture in a number of ways. The second language spoken by the Etuno people is Yoruba; almost everyone in Igarra speak the language fluently. Then, many Igarra citizens bear Yoruba names so that names such as Sade, Olu, Kayode, Solape, Ayo etc.

The Igarra people have many ceremonies like the Azi, the Abba and others. They are usually a presentation of cultural excellence demonstrated in dances, drumming, outfits.

The Igarra people are generally peaceful people. They practice mainly Islam and Christianity. However, quite a number of people are involved in traditional religion. It is a peaceful place to live.

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