Culture and history are two inseparable and indispensable aspect of life with regards to tradition as well as contemporary scenerios. They are interwoven and work hands in gloves. Both have helped to develop every individuals in creating mentality and also shapen believe system. This implies that the total way of life of an individual can be passed on from persons to persons even if the great grand fathers who were the pioneer are dead of which some persons were not practically involved in the activities but base on what they grew to hear, see and read they can ensure continuity; which is very essential as far as existence is concern. Hence the need for this interesting write up.

I grew up to see some events happening in my community, it's never seem to be strange as some people see it. I was told it's a norm and that only the males can actively and fully participate, on the condition that they have to reach a particular age and also have to be introduced to this deity for initiation and blessings. This is wow; really amazing and on the other hand, it's incredible.

It was told that the celebration of the egungun (the local name for masquerade) happens once in a year and that it's such a great and massive gathering of people both old and young far and near. It was becoming real to me as I increased in knowledge gradually transiting or metamorphosing from infant to teenager to adult. It becomes a moment that everyone within my age range and above are clamouring for and looking forward to seeing. When the time of Oro festival is approaching, everyone agitates and joyfully prepare towards the day.

This particular year, happened to be a red lettered day in the history of Oro festival in the community. It's indeed a memorable and irreversible day. As earlier said, only males that have been taken for initiation can be part of the razzle dazzle and hullabaloo of the occasion, markets will be shut down, movement will be restricted with five days that this will happen. Besides, it is an abberation for strangers and females to see the Oro otherwise, they will be used as or sacrilege.

On this day, an heavily pregnant young lady was found dead somewhere in the compound where herself and her husband rented. After much investigation, it was reported by one of the tenants said that she heard her whispering to herself that she was going to see and nothing is going to happen to her. This instil more fear in the heart of many.

Time after time, the active men grew older in age having gray hair and wrinkled faces. it is customary that the younger once who have been following keenly and strictly to occupy the position of power. At this juncture, they have to consult the oracle. Prior to this, I have heard some people talk to me about their God, which I was not convince but was contemplating about it. However, I finally decide to change location and to further my education. It is actually true that experience is the best teacher and I can vividly say that based on my exposure to such life, it has made me see life as supernatural and spiritual. The event is still on till date, but I supposed it is not as effective as it were.

Oro festival is a traditional routine that is still practice in many parts of Africa of which Nigeria is one for many reasons.

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