Ojobo is a Town in operemor kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State. The Town was founded by a man named GBESA, who was paternally from Otuoke in Ogbia kingdom and maternally from oporomor town headquarters of southern ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa state.Gbesa was said to have accompanied His maternal uncle Chief Ekere, a priest of the egbesu Diety and migrated out of oporomor to the western Niger Delta to a place called Oru Ekeremor(old Ekeremor) around the 16th Century and later finally settled at today's Amabulou, the ancestral home of all oporomor kits and kins worldwide. Meanwhile due to population pressure GBESA left his uncleEkere and moved out of Amabulou and founded bulou Ojobo around 1720.

 Ojobo is located at latitude:5.57 East, longitude:16.00,m/52 ft. Ojobo Town is bounded on the North by Torugbene town, to the west  by Peretoru town,to the     East by Ndoro Town and the Atlantic ocean to the South.

The Town grew rapidly in the New settlement and as population grew Ojobo fought many battles with it's neighbors for expansion and recorded victories,so much such that the boundaries lines of Ojobo Town is right inside of these communities, following several legal victories at the Nigerian supreme Court in as late as at 2010 supreme Court judgement.

Ojobo derived it's name from the surrounding jobo-like black water in the area of the settlement.

The cultural life of the people is resolved around the worship ofe egbesu Diety , the major traditional festivals are the Osuopele oge, and the Beniseide Oge , which is usually celebrated every New year and involves every freborn.

The social economic Life of the people is traditionally fishing,canoe carving and subsistence farming.

The people of Ojobo practiced gerentocracy, aided by a spokesperson together they adjudicates,on disputes and settled conflicts During the 19th Century ojobo decided to found a new Ojobo along the Ramos River on the focados corridors of the the Atlantic commodity trade following the abolition of slave trade in 1867.The new Ojobo was first settled in 1900 and by 1933 a primary school was established, the Zuokumor primarily school ojobo, the first in the western ijaw axis of the core niger Delta,a secondary school was established in 1972, and by 1967 it produced the first  graduate  of  western ijaw  extraction.moreover,in 1971 crude oil was discovered and still in operation, ""named Beniseide" Flow station owned by shell development company of Nigeria.

Ojobo has a high population density second to none in the core niger Delta, the Town has produced professionals, military men and officers of all arms of government,it has 8 political wards and has produced federal house members, commissioners of police,AIG's among others. Ojobo Town is a pacesetter in the Niger Delta due to its egalitarian lifestyle different from any of their neighbors.

To conclude, ojobo is an oil bearing Town in burutu Local Government area of Delta State is a key player of the oil economy of Nigeria may boast of a hospital,maternity, Post office, and police station. However, due to the continued gas flaring from the Flow station and it's close proximity to the settlement, there is seemingly higher numbers of defective births among the population which is not highlighted and mitigation step not taken.

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