Ohafia, The Place Where Golden Dreams are Built

Ohafia, The Place Where Golden Dreams are Built

There are lots of villages you might have heard of, but the village of Ohafia is away from the Norm. So many times, you see different kinds of people in wherever location you are. Some love to travel to their various villages, but others relent not because they don't want to go – but due to a few reasons, they decline the urge to travel to their respective villages. People from Ohafia village are always delighted to travel whenever to enjoy the pleasure.

In this article, you might be seeing this for the first time and must have fallen in love with the place already. You may have also developed some interest in Ohafia which may prompt you to want to learn more about this wonderful village, and visit! There are lots of things to learn about the village of Ohafia and what makes it a unique place to visit during your tourist experience. Want to learn more? Read on.

Where is Ohafia?

Ohafia is a village in the Ohafia Local government Area in the region of Abia State in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is an Igbo-speaking region – in Abia State, Nigeria. The village is a very popular village that boasts of successful Nigerians in the diaspora doing extremely well for themselves. Ohafia is a village loved by many in the country. If you are looking for a village to visit during your travels, you should visit Ohafia, and you won’t regret it.

What are the Ohafia people like?

The people of Ohafia are known to be mighty warriors down the ancient line who fought hard to defend their people to restore peace to the land. Up until today, their history remains fundamental to the people of Ohafia, and they hold it with a sense of dignity and identity.

The Ohafia settlement is known to be the third-largest military base in Nigeria, and during the reign of the former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan, the place became the headquarters of the newly established Brigade and 145 battalion offices. 

What are the Beauties of Ohafia?

There are some beautiful places in Ohafia village which brings people to come around to have fun, meet with people and establish themselves in the long run. Some of these things were done by those who have lived before and some people still living in the village and the diaspora.

·        Yearly Festival and tourism

The village of Ohafia boasts of a rich and wonderful cultural history that is being created by the artistic people of the village. It has a rich dance ranging from the war dance, and the slave trade dance with amazing patterns to engage the people to joy and admiralty. This tourist attraction has helped to bring more and attractions to the city and has also helped in boosting the economic and socio–cultural heritage among the people and in the village.

·        Fashion Homes

Everyone loves fashion and the act of looking good because it enhances confidence in people. Ohafia has various beauty homes where people who come into the village can come in and get their facials, legs, body washed up. When it comes to clothes, Ohafia boasts of the best tailors in the village and the state. Nothing gives you comfort knowing that when occasions are up, you can find a good place to get your things ready and prepare ahead of time. The village has done well in this area to give people a place called home.

·        Political serenity

No one likes a village or a place where there is political chaos. Everyone loves to be in a place where peace reigns. If you are looking for a village where you can stay with peace of mind even during political campaigns, then you are looking at the right place, OHAFIA. Ohafia has a good and vibrant political atmosphere which is what everybody wants. Over the past couple of years, there has not been a riot due to political insurgence in the village of Ohafia. This has made the place a sought-after place in the whole of Abia state.




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