Nsit Ubium people of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Nsit Ubium people of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria


Nsit Ubium is one of the 36th Local government area of Akwa Ibom State, situated in the south south region of Nigeria and under the senatorial district of  Uyo Created  in i1991, having it's headquarters in Ikot Edibon. 

Nsit Ubium consists of several villages with rich and endowed cultural background in terms of Language, belief, food, lifestyle and even occupation. The great people of Nsit Ubium speak Ibibio as their predominant language. 

These beautiful people mainly Christian's with different denominations. The rich people of Nsit Ubium believe in rich traditional meals such as : Epkangnkukwo,  edikangikong soup, Ayan elpang ( made with cassava) just to mention a few.

These lovely people are very sociable as they often gather together during the mbre mmong festival to share quality time together. 

We will not leave out what makes them ..The Nsit and  The  Ubium respectively, the two clans have always loved themselves and believe in fostering  the growth of their region as they engaged in trade. 

They took up farming as their major occupation, being industrious people, they also believe that fishing will be a very lucrative business for them as they are bless with a good geographical region where a big river called ' Qua Iboe' river' flows through the area.

Nsit Ubium people are very lucky in terms of large land mass . They are comely people and very accommodating.  

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