Naka people of Benue State, Nigeria.

Naka people of Benue State, Nigeria.


The name of my village is Naka. It is located at the western part of Benue state. 

Naka is commonly called the home of rice and honey. Though other agricultural produce like yam, corn, banana, mango, citrus, and vegetables yield well there.

History has it that the fertile nature of the land is as a result of so many wars that took place there. 

Before the arrival of the white man, the ancestors of the land fought, conquered and occupied the land.

After the first world war of 1914-1918, the people of Naka Fought one another for fishing pools and killed many people.

The white man, through river Benue, came and build build two bridges at Nagi stream at the North and Akpaku  at the West to link the village with the Idoma and Igede people.

After the second world war in 1945,  the people start marrying from other tribes too using there agricultural produce in exchange.

Naka people shew little interest in Western education until after Nigeria independent in 1960. For that, the use of their agricultural produce was limited as no functional industry was found there. 

Today, Naka is a better place due to the highway that pass through it from Abuja to Lokoja and the rice mill recently built by Gwer-West local government council chairman.

Though Naka was fertile and productive, it was after Nigeria independent that inhabitants of it started enjoying the gift of nature- the fertile soil.

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