My ita-merin village

My ita-merin village

      My village, ita-merin is situated at the extreme end of ode remo. It is known for its popular provision of cocoa and kolanut(otherwise known as obi in the yoruba language). 

I spent my mid years(adolescence) in my village so i grew up to making friends every day of my life. Whenever im in the village, i feel the urge to continue living, it is always peaceful and filled with so many freshness and beauty. I found it difficult to adapt when i moved to the city because unlike the village,the air in the city was so much polluted,i was always eager to travel back to the village for holidays. In every situations and in every argument,i always make it known to peoples understanding that i like my village more than the city,the people in the village are so open-minded and friendlier than the people in the city. Now,not to talk of the delicious and aromatic food being served,i get to enjoy some fresh and organic vegetables cooked by my grandmother and fruits planted by my grandfather.Ive seen the people in my village live in peace and with no malice though it's a compound and extended family but they always have each other's back.I remember going to the river in the evening with friends both males and females to bath irrespective of our age difference, we all enter into the river with so much happiness not minding how naked or open we are. After bathing, we settle down under the big baobab tree not far from the village centre to play hands like ayo or suwe . After our evening games we all head back to our respective homes to help our parents with any domestic chores like cooking or selling at the evening market . We wake up the next morning as early as the roosters going from house to house to call on ourselves to fetch water at the town river we chat and play on the way to the river even at the river we play a little before proceeding to fetch water in turns to avoid quarells we go about six rounds before filling up the house drum  we all bath outside in joy and happiness and even compete to see who dresses up first   . All these are things that arent allowed in the city . My grandmother looks agile in her early 80s always eager to tell up a folktale every night after chores and before our light out (bed time) . We always learn something new about village history . The most interesting part of my villages culture is our festival. We celebrate the egungun festival as well as the oro festival though it is said that the females arent allowed to see ORO during their propitation or sacrifice but we are opportuned to celebrate. The king and his brides , the chiefs and their brides are always present at this celebration feast .We eat and dine together the purpose of these festivals is to avert any diseases or sickness or darkness in the village ,these Fèstivals are believed to bring peace to our village and makes us (the villagers) to endeavor to live in harmony . Sometimes ,i feel because these festivals and sacrifices not done in the city is why the village is more peaceful than the city.

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