My ita-merin village in Ode Merin

My ita-merin village in Ode Merin

      My village, ita-merin is situated at the extreme end of ode remo. It is known for its popular provision of cocoa and kolanut(otherwise known as obi in the yoruba language). I spent my mid years(adolescence) in my village so i grew up to making friends every day of my life. 

Whenever im in the village, i feel the urge to continue living, it is always peaceful and filled with so many freshness and beauty. I found it difficult to adapt when i moved to the city because unlike the village,the air in the city was so much polluted,i was always eager to travel back to the village for holidays.

 In every situations and in every argument,i always make it known to peoples understanding that i like my village more than the city,the people in the village are so open-minded and friendlier than the people in the city. Now,not to talk of the delicious and aromatic food being served,i get to enjoy some fresh and organic vegetables cooked by my grandmother and fruits planted by my grandfather.

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