IWOYE VILLAGE

Iwoye boundary started from government reserve forest stream at Alakaba stream, In the edge of Ilobi through Pala village through Oniyanim river to Alagbada known as the boundary between Iwoye and Old Alakodo Village.

It goes through Ijusu area known as Araromi, then to olukobi village, Afowowa, Akindele, olojuagbe village , it goes on to ishaga Ifemo and to odo alalori and it goes to akere village then to fatolu ategbe village to olokuta to ilobi omuwa and to igbin and back to government reserved forest at wojia

The history of the village dated as far back as the early 19th century However, real facts started when Makinde Akinotan was approached to take over as bale because of the nature of his work, he was a tailor and professional drummer as the 6th Baale. When crisis broke out between the Egbas in Iwoye led by Adebari, an  Egbas in Iwoye led by Adebari, an Egba and Egbas in Ori odo Called Esedo today.

The Crisis led the then olu of Ilaro oba Oluseyi who came to Alegbede Village and made three ridges to service as the boundary between Iwoye and Eredo thereby cutting of land belonging to the people of Iwoye . On the day the boundry was made, Adebari told Oba olusoji that Pa. Makinde will destroy the ridges at night claiming to the Oba that it was makinde that destroyed the ridges subsequently, Makinde was arrested, tied and fined five pounds

I confirm that Alagbede was solely part of  Iwoye land, Pa Fagbemi an Uncle to pa Makinde went to the front of the hips and cultivated a farm land which is still existing till today at that  spot. And by then , the then olu of Ilaro, Oba Olusoji imposed another another Baale Adebari on the people of Iwoye , this crisis divided the village into two till today. This is the only point where Kuoleola family became Baale in Iwoye.

The Ipaja people which was a whole settlement were given parcels of land by pa Makinde when they were driven from their village by thieves.

In 1946, when the nature authority wanted to establish primary school in iwoye, they approached late Adebari  for the land in Iwoye and he  told them that he Adebari had no land for the project and he directed them to talk to Pa. Makinde who later gave them land for the establishement of the only primary school in Iwoye to date.

In 1948, Audu karimu Ayantola Makinde identified the following fire Compounds in the village namely:






On the 9th of June 1950, Abdulkareem Ayantola Makinde was appointed Baale of Iwoye by Indigenes of Iwoye .

Baales in  Iwoye village from inception till date were:

1.     OLUGOKE





6.     MAKINDE

7.     A.K MAKINDE



The  development of a community is measured not only in terms of the size of land it occupies, the number of beautiful buildings constructed but also mere impotently by the academic institutions available for the training and development of its youth.


This philosophy guided the establishment of the Iwoye area community high school in January 1957, it started as a modem school serving iwoye Irogun Eredo, Jaja and Ipake communities. It was christened African church modern School, leaving sowole as the principal

In 1980, the school was upgraded to a community High school by the state government, Mr Adetokunbo S.O became the new principal

Immediately parents in the fire communities started enrolling their wards in the school. This made students enrollment figure soar from 1980 to early 1982.  But unfortunately, however before 1982 endeded, the student enrolment figure dropped drastically, which led to the closure of the school.

The whole community became disturbed as a result of the school’s closure. Then a committee led by chief Sunday Adeosun was set up and tasked to get in touch with Engineer Y.A Akintomide, a son of the soil , on the way forward. In his characteristics manner, the engineer took the bull by the horns by swinging into action.

Engineer Akintomide single-handedelly recruited teaching and Non-teaching staff on his pay roll. He also footed other financial maintenance bills of the school for years


It was this same illustrious son Engineer Akintomide, who obtained government approved for the school to be re-opened in 1996.


Even after the taking over by the state  government, Engineer Y.A Akintomide Philantropic gestures to the school contributed to wax stronger

Among many of his contributions are:


1.     Constructions of a block of three  classrooms

2.     Supply of computer sets to the school

3.     Financial supports to many of the school programmes

4.     Physical presence in the school to assess the school’s progress from 1996 to June 2005


The village is blessed with a health centre and built in staff quarters of health centre and built in staff quarters of health officials. It is functional. There is also erotic low current electricity to the village.

Highly industrious people through their community efforts they constructed a town hall which hosts all major events in the community, and police station which has not been put into use for logistics reasons. They are fortunate to have  two masks, one for Glo and the other for Mtn Network

The Inhabitant and reigning king installed on December 4, 2020 is HRM OBA MAKINDE BUHARI OLOLADE ONIWOYE OF IWOYE , YEWA LAND ILUFEMILOYE II








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