Isu is a clan in Onicha Local Government Area of.Ebonyi State Nigerian,  located at southeast  part of the county.

The history and origin of Isu okoma is traced  to hunter Named  * EZENTUNMOKE UGOTA* He was a very  brave  hunter, Ezentunmoke has a younger brother called *ADU* who also hunt with him, They are both from ISUIKWUATO in the present day Abia state.

Ezentunmoke took his younger brother Adu on a hunting quest  to the present day ISUOKOMA. They stopped and took shelter under two Agba tree 🌳  (Agba Ebor) they stayed there for a while and the brother left to a Neighbouring community called  UBURU  and Ezentunmoke went back to his  Native home ISUIKWUATO  to check on his pregnant wife.

While coming back, he brought his pregnant wife  UGBAN3ZE along with him. On their way they rested  under some bamboo trees  (UKWUACHARA)  which is presently called ISUACHARA. They later continued their journey back to   AGBA EBOR  The first place EZENTUNMOKE stayed before going to see his wife.

There  in AGBA EBOR  his wife gave birth to their first baby baby boy and they name the child after the two trees that provided them with shelter AGBA EBOR. She also gave birth to the second child who was named after the place they rented under the bamboo trees ISUACHARA. They gave birth to other children who where subsequently named after the seven communities  that make up ISUOKOMA CLAN. These are the names of seven son sons which  in turn are the seven villages that make up ISUOKOMA 








These  makes up the seven communities in ISUOKOMA. IT was also derived from history that EZENTUNMOKE  has ten children but communal crisis forced three of his children to leave the village to a Neighbouring village, 

Ezentunmoke  the believed founder  of ISUOKOMA  extract the name ISUOKOMA from ISUIKWUATO his Native home in Abia state. ISUOKOMA was later devided into two Autonomous communities. Which are Isu Autonomous community and Anioma Autonomous community.. Isu Autonomous community comprises of Agbaebor, Umuniko and Obeagu. While Anioma Autonomous community  is made up of Amanato, Mgbanaukwu, Mgbanaeze and Isuachara.

Before this borderline was  created HRH Late Chief Eze Ude Umanta was the first Traditional ruler of ISUOKOMA. 

ISUOKOMA people are friendly, they are RESPECTFUL  and they are peace loving.

ISUOKOMA has so many Traditional musical/ dance groups such as the Odabara, Ode, Ikpa etc  they also have Traditional Titles  like Okaji, Ozo, Onyibe and so on. 

ISUOKOMA have prominent men and women  politicians Academics  Religions  etc

ISUOKOMA people detest murder, they hate witchcraft, incent and they also abhor all other forms of social  vices.

ISUOKOMA are dominated with Christians.and the also have so many traditionalist. The major market in isolation is Nkwoagu. For now there is no financial institutions in ISUOKOMA.  

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