Ikuehi Ihima Community of Ebira land.

Ikuehi Ihima Community of Ebira land.




             We all have a place we all come from where our roots originated from, which is mostly refered to as the village. Ikuehi Ihima is a village situated in region of kogi state and it consist of it own beautiful scenery.

              Interestingly I hail from a village in kogi state which is  Ikuehi Ihima Community under okehi local government of Ebiraland, before getting to ihima itself you will pass through other local government and other villages.

        Ikuehi Ihima is known for it's uniqueness, of course all villages have brown zinc, perhaps some mud houses scattered in the midst of modern houses, Ihima had its own fair share of this physical features but in this there is a distingued sign of a very tall palm tree to inform you that you have arrived Ihima. Apart from the palm tree, it has one of the biggest Anglican church which is St.Peters Anglican church, the church has a tower with a big bell that is rung when it's time for Sunday service and weekly activities.

 Ihima has it own market where food items, house hold things are being sold. The village also has general petty trade of frying beans cake with palm oil. The village has a government primary and secondary school that has a wide field that is used for occasion  most times, ihima has the palace of the king quite close to the major road, the building was built in the ancient design, the king's palace stand as a reminder of History of the ihima Community.Ihima has a lot of things that makes it stand out, it's just expectionally beautiful in it's own village setting.


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