Ife-Odan People Of Osun State, Nigeria.

Ife-Odan People Of Osun State, Nigeria.

 The rise of Ife-Odan, an up coming town in Ejigbo Local Government, Osun State Nigeria

The rise of any nation is Paramount to a local setting of a village that experience Metamorphosis, A good rising town with a diverse of culture, with the origin of Ife, The accentral home of the Yorubas.

Prior to the ruling king of Ooni Olaogboru Who was accused of using Ninety-nine years on the throne which other rulers  found it very bad and unlikely because of their expectations were not met, they decided to inform the king to make a ritual to the gods where he was told to take a sacrifice to the god for more prosperity in the Land of Ife, but this was a plot to overthrow the king.

The king had understand the plight very clear, in view of this he decided to go and make the sacrifice alongside with the original crown in Ife. The king sojourn to make the sacrifice but unfortunately when he reach the skirt of Ife, he heard the beating of drums which depict that a new king has been crowned ad the king of Ife.

He leave immediately to meet the Timi of Ede Land then where he asked of his favor to make him stay in the land, but the king insisted on that and told him to you Ogiyan of Ejigbo Land where he also insisted to make him stay in Ejigbo because he sees him very superior than him but decided to inform the Asipa of Ejigbo to take the Overthrown king(Olaogboru) to a very far place which is far from Ejigbo.

Ejigbo is a prominent town in Yoruba Land and the headquarters of Ejigbo Local Government Area, one of the oldest local government areas of Osun State in Nigeria. Ejigbo is strategically placed in the middle of the region, as 35 kilometres north-east of Iwo, 30 km from Ogbomoso in the north and 24 km from Ede in the south-east. It is about 40 km north-west of Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, and about 95 km north-east of Ibadan.

The Asipa move far from Ejigbo and move beyond Masifa Ile, a village then and make him move the village, the Asipa saw a place that is seems like a field where they do rest during hunting period, in a dialectical colloquial know as (ODAN). Odan is a place that is very neat and has no forest, he decided that the king should stay their with the accomplice then like Obajio, Balogun and Arode.

With the history learnt, the king named the place IFE-ODAN, which is a combination of Ife and Odan, the village with a few numbers if people then has grown more and witnessed some tremendous growth and some Infrastructures which make the then village a rising town in Ejigbo Local Government.

Olaogbooru who led the migrants became the first king of Ife-Odan however, he died some years after.

Below is the list of the kings that reigned at Ife-Odan, from the time of Olaogbooru (the founder) till date:

Olaogbooru, the founder of Ife-Odan

Olugbede, a younger brother to Olaogbooru




Adesokan 1939—1945

Abioye 1945—1952

Adimula Adeoye 1953 — 1977

Morenikeji Ajibade 1982 — 1986

After whom the incumbent King, Oba Adeyemi Moronfade was enthroned.

Ife-Odan is well know for farming and producing different agricultural produce like Maize, Cassava, Yam, Cocoa. Surprisingly the Town had been a leading town producing a great agricultural produce which make the town to be well known for that.

However, Ife-Odan is still known as an underdeveloped town.

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