Has it ever come to your mind how Ilaro came into existence.Ilaro came into existence in the 18th century by a man named "Aro" who migrated from Oyo town to settle down in Ilaro.Ilaro had her name from "Ilu Aro" which means the settlement of Aro.

   Ilaro is located at Yewa South Local Government and is the capital city of Yewa land.There is festival that Ilaro people celebrates each year to commemorate the great warrior"Oron na". It was said that he helped the Ilaro people in overcoming wars.When he grew old and wanted to show the potency of his power, he vanished into the ground with his leopard (which he always go around with when he was alive) and told his people to call upon him whenever they are in danger. A statue of him(Oronna) and his leopard was built at the place he vanished and the place was made a shrine where the 'Olu of Ilaro' were crowned when they came on the throne. 

   Osata was also a great warrior who can never be forgotten in Ilaro.He was once a king who sacrificed his own son so that his people can experience abundant rainfall when there was drought in Ilaro then.

     The interesting part about Ilaro is its culture."Bolojo" and "Gelede dances".  They were created by the Ilaro people.  

During gelede dances, the language of communication is songs known as 'Efe'. If you listen to Efe, you will laugh your stress and sorrows away. 

The Oronna festival is  most important in terms of attracting culture and tourist fans to the town. There are many fun activities during the Oronna festival such as Sisi Ilaro beauty pageant, a  football match, masquerade presentation, festival dances, talent hunt, efe night and lot more. The popular actor known as Ogogo was born and raised in Ilaro. I love Ilaro and its people.


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