History and culture of the people of Agbowa ikosi

History and culture of the people of Agbowa ikosi

 Culture shows the heart, mind and soul. it also changes over time because life is not static.

    Agbowa ikosi is  a town in Lagos State Nigeria. Agbowa ikosi was originated from many sources but it was oriwu that later grew to become what is known today as"Agbowa ikosi".

    The name the culture is Agbo remireke.It was divided into three districts which are Itun Agbowa, itun Aledo and itun oriwu.This Agbo remireke was not originated from Agbowa ikosi.it was collected from a village called iwopin. it was a man a son of Anjorin who followed his wife to iwopin in ogun state,he saw the celebration he liked it and come to Agbowa to informed the elders about it and the idea was welcome they consult the Oracle and alot of sacrifice were made to bring the festival to Agbowa ikosi.that is when the Started the festival.The festival is celebrated every 3 years and it comes during Christmas period.

If it's remains 3 months to celebrate remireke the elders of the three districts which consists of four women and three men with their oshoko.The women are called" langbariko" and the men are called"Eleku".A meeting will be organize for the festival.Nine days before the festival"okoro"which is known as"majenimo". Every body we celebrate with the okoro.

The 3 districts will come out and dance in the morning and afternoon for three consecutive days and they re wearing different clothes.They spends million on the occasion for the costumes and the dressings.

   The very important part of the festival is the music.The music is divided into two types which is insulting and praise songs.

The people come together to compose a song on the praise and insuit.the praise song is uses to encourage people that are dedicate and good well in the society while the insuit is used to abuse those that are doing bad in the society.there is no one they can compose song for including their oba.The funniest part is that they will work in caravan to the person house to abuse him/her and the person will dance and give them money.

There are many villages around Agbowa ikosi and they're doing well in the society.

And also is not only remireke that is celebrating at Agbowa it also includes Eyibi festival, Egungun to mention but few.


  The traditional festival is the most interesting part in Nigeria.

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