History and culture of Onicha Olona people of Nigeria

History and culture of Onicha Olona people of Nigeria

Onicha olona

Onicha olona is a small town that is located in aniocha north local government area of delta state,

 The onicha olona people are an igbo speaking minority, with a welcoming heart, the people are very nice to strangers and would gladly help one another in hard times,  other languages like English language and pidgin English are not uncommon and most of the indigenes are mostly found speaking pidgin English when not speaking their Igbo dialect, due to the diversity in the Igbo language across various eastern states, the onicha olona people speak a dialect known Enuani, which means language from the earth.

onicha olona is divided into five smaller villages, but we call them quarters, First them Is the Ishekpe quarters, then we have umuolo quarters, followed closely by agba quarters, we also have ogbekenu quarters and idumuje quaters. 

onicha olona is actually the name of one of the sons of onicha, he also had other children, olona then had five children, Ishekpe, umuolo, agba, ogbekenu and Ishekpe, which are the names of the various quarters in onicha olona, we were also made to understand that, the popular ontisha in anambara state is closely related to the onicha olona people, 

Onicha olona is ruled by an obi, unlike other igbo villages where the head is usually an Igwe, Onitsha is the only town in the entire eastern Nigeria with it's head as an obi, you might want to say it's a coincidence right ? ... well it's not... because from our history... we were made to understand that olona actually migrated from the great kingdom of Benin, he was a prince from Benin, but migrated to establish a kingdom of his own, the Benin kingdom is headed by an Oba, wanting to be different, he changed from oba to obi... and that's when the obi title was born...

Onicha olona people are mostly farmers, hunters and traders, due to access of no major river, most of them hardly take to fishing,  until recently when various industries started coming into the town, giving the youths more options at life, the famers mostly deal with cassava farming, plantain, banana, oil, onicha olona people, not until these past two decades produce, that is before the turn of the millennium, before the year 2000, produced everything it needed in the state, food was grown and produced in the town...with little or no known records of exportation to other far states, 

onicha olona also has one of the best resort centers in Nigeria, The onicha olona, ranch and resorts,

Reconnect with your spirit and soul in a natural environment. Discover yourself again in the beautiful serene and Green Olona Ranch and Resorts, Onicha-Olona, Delta State. you could take Hikes with family, take a leisurely walk with friends, watch the sun set, sleep, meditate, love, eat at Olona... during festive period the ranch is usually fully booked as people from all over come back home to experience nature at its brightest...

it has a rich wildlife history, it is one of the few town in Nigeria with actual lion sightings, the last lion sighting was in 2012, by a hunter from Ishekpe quarters, since then, there hasn't been any other reports, wether these animal is extinct in onicha olona is still yet to be determined. 

onicha olona has no known oil reserves or deposits. but it's known for it export of Palm oil, Garri, rubber, and yam.

onicha olona is a Christian community, there is no known mosque in onicha olona, the majority denomination used to be catholic and Anglican, but due to the coming in of other pentecostal churches, the Catholic and Anglican churches doesn't boast of a high population anymore unlike before when they were dominant, pentecostal churches are now almost everywhere in the town... 

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