History and culture of Okura people in Dekina Local Goverment Area of Kogi State, Nigeria

History and culture of Okura people in Dekina Local Goverment Area of Kogi State, Nigeria


Okura river
Okura river

My village, Okura was created in 1946. A young man named, Jonathan was sold as a slave. 

However, do to maltreatment melted upon him, by his master, Jonathan decided to escape from his master's resident.

When he ran away from his master, and walked inside bush for seven days, he became tired. He decided to rest for some hours before proceeding on his journey.

However, his intention was not to go back to his father, but for him to be on his own. 

As the thought of him,   going to stay alone countinued, he fell asleep.

When he woke-up following morning inside the bush, he discovered a stream, flowing like a river close to him.

In the stream were big fishes, including tortoise, snakes. He also, saw paw trees, mango trees, banana trees and some other fruits' tree. He also, discovered that some trees have produced riped  fruits meant for consumption. This encouraged him to stay there for weeks, days, months.

He thought within himself, " now that I can found varieties of fruits, in this bush, is it not better for me to stay, for sometimes? After all, I am not going to meet anyone.   Now, I can feed myself with all these fruits. If I leave here, where can I get these fruits freely now that I don't have a penny?" These thoughts gave him a sleepless night as he spent some days in the bush.

Later, he decided that, it's better for him to remain there, for a year.

He built a small cage where he can stay once it's raining, or anytime he wants to sleep. While he remained there, he cut the fruits, eats when he felt hungry.

As he began to enjoy staying in the bush due to these  natural fruits, he promised himself never to leave that environment because of abundant natural fruits, including bush animals which he killed at every giving opportunity.

He decided to clear grasses, removed some big trees, and cleared all dirty within his surounding.

One day, a hunter while hunting for bush animals, met him in the bush. After they exchanged greetings,  he told the hunter that, he came to stay in that bush because he wanted to be on his own.

The hunter who was pleased with him, further seek his permission to come and live with him in the bush.

He immediately, agreed to the Hunter's request, and in no distance time, the hunter arrived in bush.

One day, the hunter advised to name the village, as the place will attract investors, and some other people to come due to vast land, and opportunity to eat bush meet without much stress.

They all agreed to name the village, as; Okura Olafia- meaning, all is well with you.

Today, Okura village has become a popular village that has about 9000 people living there.

In Okura, today, there are enough business opportunity, farm land,  enough foodstuff and others.

Though, Jonathan has died some few years ago, his influence, and  jovial character remained a talk of town today.


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