According to History, Ejeme as a people migrated from Benin,Edo State and Onitsha the present day Anambra State and other villages in Delta state to found the town known as Ejeme hence it had some of it's chieftancy titles like Iyese and Onowu from Edo State and Anambra State respectively and the culture is however similar.Ejeme people are from Aniocha South , speaks Aniocha language and share thesame cultural heritage. 

The Local headquarters is in Ogwashi Uku ,a Town located between the boundaries of Agbor Town and Asaba ,Delta State Headquarters.There are several communities around Ejeme people. These are Adonte, Ishagu, Ewulu, Abah Unor, Ukwu, Egbudu Aka, Nsukwa, Etua, Ekuku Agbor, Obidugbo, Isumpe and Alidima.  Ejeme people share common boundaries with these villages.

It will be interesting to say that Ejeme people was blessed with a natural River called Adofi River. The River is very clean and pure for consumption and all the above neighboring villages come to fetch the water for daily use . This River had a source regarded as the home where the River came from according to tales from our forefathers and it is worshiped by the Obi at every Ekeh day . it was equally believed that the River is a source of protection to the indigenous people and the River vowed never to grow with other peoples wealth hence during raining season,the River begin to dry and reduce in size until after the rainy season.

The founder of the first Ejeme was called Ikoko .The old man migrated from Akoku and settled in one of the remote forest. people began to live with him and at the fullness of age He died.The hamlet was named after him as Obi Ikoko. It was believed that he was the first Obi in that community. History had that after his death,so many people came to live there and due to population size,houses were built towards the present  Ejeme main road which lead to Ogwashi uku and Ekuku Agbor Town untill development visited the people to date.

There are two Ejeme but there are same brothers . These are Ejeme unor and Ejeme Aniogor. However,Ejeme unor is the head of both Ejeme. There have two different obi in hierarchy. The Obi of Ejeme unor is the senior on the thrown and no matter the age of obi of Ejeme Aniogor, whenever the obi of Ejeme unor arrives at his palace, he will stand up for the obi of Ejeme unor as a mark of traditional honour to the thrown .

The culture of Ejeme people revolved around the mood of dressing,greetings to the elders ,style of eating as no child is permitted to take meat in the soup while eating with the elders. The child must greet the parents after each meal and he or she is expected to carry and wash the dishes .He or she is not permitted to insult elders. The kind of food of Ejeme people eat are mainly pounded yam and Akpu because economically they are farmers.

There are  two important festivals in Ejeme namely new yam festival and Pouring of sand .The new yam festival takes place between October and November of each year while pouring of sand takes place around August yearly. These events must be fixed and announced by the highness the obi of each of the two towns in Ejeme. The new yam festival is celebrated at different dates by the Ejeme unor and Ejeme Aniogor while the Obi celebrate his new yam festival after the members of the community had celebrated but the pouring of sand is a unique event which attract sons and daughters from far and near to witness the event.

The marriage culture is also unique in its way. Ejeme people give out their well morally trained daughters in marriage to prospective grooms without asking for so much bride price. This is because it was the believed that Ejeme people do not sell their girl daughters and that inlaw relationship is forever. It is important to also mention that when the woman eventually die,the corpse must be returned home for proper burial rites. Ejeme people are social cultural people and lovers of music. 

Ejeme is a land of peace ,giver of home ,a respecter and accommodation of strangers .Ejeme means I have decorated you. So Come and taste the sweetness of the beautiful and endowed land of Ejeme and your life will never remain the Same. Written by Okoh Paul- Andy

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