Brief History of mgbaneze.

Brief History of mgbaneze.


Brief History of mgbaneze .

 Mgbaneze is a village in Onicha Local government area of Ebonyi state.mgbaneze is the third son of ezentum.following the increase in number of ezentum family,the need for expansion of territory became necessary.Mgbaneze and others have to relocate relocate leaving the oldest family in the original settlement of Ezentum.

As they expand ,they maintained their identity isu.The new settlement is equally the adventure of isuokoma.

Mgbaneze first settled in the present day ihueke which is located which is located in Amanator isu.just like the main business of their patriarch Mgbaneze people excelled in the business of hunting and farming.

They were prosperous in the business and God blessed the activities of their hands.Mgbaneze is well equipped with brave warriors .

The ancestral father of Mgbaneze is ogbo Ezentum and he was not only a hunter but also a warrior.

Mgbaneze was formally called Gbana Eze but with the coming of the white men and people of other parts of Igbo land the name was changed to Mgbaneze

 The new settlement

Mgbaneze people hunted down to Esu river.They see the place as a better place of settlement.As it was the culture then in Africa they have to make consultation with the gods.To that effect,they went to a great dibia to do the needful.The great dibia inturn told them what to do.

The dibia told them to purchase ram and sheep and keep them in the place they have in mind which was then a forest.He assured them that if the sheep multiply there ,without been killed by either tiger or lion that they are going to settle there and that they will be prosperous too.

The messenger went home and the people of Mgbaneze did as instructed by the great dibia.

After some years they went came back to the place and find out that nothing happened to the sheep and have indeed grown into a flock.with the discovery they move into their now place and kept living there till this day.


The first market Mgbaneze have is Nwamgbirichi .As they settled and were looking for a place of market they made some consultations to "Chukwu" and were told to get a pregnant sheep close to delivery and walk it down and establish their market anywhere the sheep delivered.And the sheep delivered at the present day Nwamgbirichi.with the increase in population it became necessary to get a wider area as market.The present location of Afo mgbaneze was selected.

Mgbaneze had four children and they are as follow






Mgbaneze has border with Amanator,Umuniko,Mgbanaukwu,Nara and Nkereffi.


Mgbaneze people are well known with their agricultural business.They grow yams formally more than every other parts of isuokoma.people from neighboring villages travel down to Mgbaneze as laborers ,like people from onicha igboeze,oshiri,ugwulangwu,Agbebo etc.With the help of the laborers they produce higher quantity of yams.Today they grow rice majorly.


Like other parts of isu Mgbaneze has foods like 

Utara Akpu





Aza etc


Ofe opoto 

Ofe unugbu

Ofe ukpo

Ofe isese

Ofe egwusi

Ofe ewa

Ofe achi,okobo akparata etc mixed food like yam and vegetables,utara ede,ede and vegetables ( ugu,ewa,ekidi,green,anra.

  The first church in Mgbanze is Presbyterian church followed by catholic church.

Mgbaneze has two primary school ,one secondary school,one health center and a market

(1)Mgbaneze central school (1932)

(2)Ezefiugo primary school (1936)

(3)Community secondary school

(4)Mgbaneze health center.

The three major Deities of the first religion

Ubuku Mgbaneze

Offia Mgbaneze and 

Ihuani Mgbaneze.

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