Baya Oje village

Baya Oje village


Baya Oje village is one of the villages or town in Surulere local government area, Oyo State, Nigeria. It was founded by in the mid 19th century by an Hunter called Laoye Ogunremi. It has about 9 more surrounding villages. 

The population of it today is about 3,900 villagers as residents. The founder was said to migrated from Ogbomoso a town in the state. Presently, the direct lineage of late Laoye Ogunremi still in charge of the rulling class of the village called '' Baale'' . Politically, the village among others in the local government area has a ward and five polling units.

 The majority of the villagers are members of the Yoruba ethnic group while the minority one are the people from Benue State. Also, the village are predominantly  adherents (worshipers) of Christianity and Islam. Economically, the major economy in the village is agriculture; cashew, mango, cassava, maize and yam plantations are widely distributed across the land.

 The people of the village also engage in the trading and rearing of domestic animals such as goats, fowls and sheep. Baya Oje village equally has one public secondary School, two public primary schools and two private nursery and primary schools.

 In the village there exist a cottage clinic for the medical attention of the people. It has a central mosque, two others and four churches of different denomination includes a Baptist Church. Of course, presently the inadequate government support in terms of infrastructural facilities and policy guidance for local initiative have undermined the the expansion in terms of economic growth and development of Baya Oje village because the location is not favourable to the small scale investors as a result of poor road network links to the village. 

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