All you need to know about Ilobu people

All you need to know about Ilobu people


Ilobu Village

    A village located in Irepodun local government of Osun state in Nigeria. It is surrounded by some small villages such as Okinni, Ifon and Erin- Osun, all in Osun state.


    Ilobu  was founded by some warriors that relocated from old Oyo province. The name Ilobu originated from the word “ilu ti a bu “ meaning a village that was abused by warriors.


   The people of ilobu are majorly farmers, traders, civil servant while some involves in leather works, basket and mat crafting/making.Ancient Yoruba language is known to be the major language spoken in the village.

   Their major outfits are Yoruba attire such as iro and buba for women and agbada or dansiki for men. 


  The people of Ilobu are well known for their “Eko and moinmoin or Eko and Efo”(cooked blended corn with vegetables or cooked blended beans).

The people of 

Ilobu practice three types of religion. The Islamic religion with 75% members traditional religion with 15% members and Christian religion with 10% members. Each religion is unique  and every indigene of Ilobu always have the  attitude towards achieving the best.

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