Ikwere root is  traced from the old Benin Empire. They are originally called Iwhnurohna people. It is said that they descended from the ancient Bini kingdom. The grand ancestor is Akalaka. They have relations in Rivers state which are Ekpeye and Ogba people. Ikwerre is an independent tribe, it  is a nickname given to Iwhnurohna people. This tribe of Nigeria  have since been  regarded  as a distinct group and have peacefully come a long way in a struggle for self identity. The tribe is  recognized as one of the Nigerian languages. 

In Ikwerre land we have a distinct language. Social and cultural traits distinguish the ikweres from other neighboring tribes like the ijaws and the Ibos.The ikwerrians has about 5.5 million inhabitants, we live in four out of the 23 local government areas of rivers state namely, port harcourt local government (phalga) Obio /Akpor local government (obalga) Ikwerre local government Area (kelga) and Emohua local government (Emolga). According to statistics, the Ikwerre people make up 27% of the population of the state.

 Beads are an essential part of dressing in Ikwere land mostly females, it is worn on the head , neck and wrists. Festival wrestling is an important part of the culture.  other cultural activities are the Eregbu cultural dance, ekpo and Ekpe masquerades are also important features of ikwere tradition.

Popular meals such as native soup of the ikwerrians are: oha soup, okazi soup, vegetable soup, periwinkle soup and others . Periwinkle (isam) are important parts of ikwere  dishes.

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