Princes Oma of igala land and the story of the war between Igala and Jukun

Princes Oma of igala land and the story of the war between Igala and Jukun


Princess Õma odoko was the daughter of Attah  Ayegba õma Idoko, the then king of igala kingdom, who was sacrificed to save her father land during the war between the igala kingdom and the jukun kingdom.

Once upon the time! When the prince of jukun kingdom missed his way while hunting, and ran into the igala kingdom. He was there for many months and when he made his intention to go back to his kingdom, known to the Attah of Igala, Attah informed Igala people through his servants that the prince of jukun kingdom wants to return back to his kingdom.

 On that note, Attah told his people that since the prince has been here for months, it's wise they appreciate his staying by giving him whatever gift each and everyone can provide. In line with the king's instruction, the elders of Igala kingdom gathered enough foodstuffs for him and escorted him down to his kingdom to show their appreciate over his short staying with them. So after a few days, that the prince returned to his kingdom, the elders and the king of jukun had a meeting and said that if the Igala people should give them food like this as an appreciation, in respect of the short sojourned of the in their kingdom, it means their son (prince)has farmed more than this in Igala kingdom. 

Therefore, they demanded that Igala people should give them the remaining foodstuffs belonging to  their son(prince). Having the knowledge of this antics by his people, the prince of jukun told his father to suspend that move that Igalas, are good people and it was out of their goodness that they decided to give him the foodstuffs to appreciate his staying in their kingdom. And not that he went to farm for them.

He warned the king(his father), over this regrettable action, but the king was adamant on this, and  refused to listen to his son and thereby, sent massage to the Attah of Igala, that he should return his son remaining farm's foodstuffs. On hearing this, the Attah of Igala got provoked and said that because his kingdom showed cares to the prince, the king of jukun is demanding for more foodstuffs? Out of anger, the Attah then asked the elders of Igala kingdom to pupu in their calabashes and gathered as  presents to the king of jukun kingdom as what he demanded for.

So, the elders of Igala kingdom set on a journey in the night to present the rubbish to the king of jukun kingdom and returned back that same night to Igala kingdom. The following morning, the king of jukun was happy and so earger to know the content of the presents, he commanded his servants to bring what Igala people brought yesterday night for them to share. The moment they brought the calabashes and discovered that all were full of shit(pupu), the king of jukun perceived it as an insult on this kingdom, and immediately passed massage across to the Attah of Igala, informing him to prepare for war over the insult on his kingdom.

He threatened to defeat him in war, collapsed Igala kingdom into his and turn Igala people as slaves. the then Attah of Igala kingdom was scared of loosing his kingdom to jukun kingdom, he consulted the gods of Igala kingdom and human sacrifice was needed, the choice was princess in the land. then the Attah was left with no other alternative than to  inform princess Õma odoko(his Daughter) who was later used for the sacrifice demanded by the gods of Igala kingdom. she was burned alive and her ashes was used to prepared the charm that was use in the river called Inachalo.  

Inachalo is the river thorough which the people of Ojuku kingdom were to cross before they could fight in Igala kingdom. So, when they reached the river side, they got tired and was hungry. As a result of this, they drank from the river and eat the fishes wish from the river. After a while, some of them started dying, to drink the water, the water turned to blood because of the charm used on it. 

Finally,  the remaining people of jukun that did not partake in this action, returned back with the news of calamities that be fell their members to the king.

Ever since then no one could drink water from Inachalo river till date also, eating the eat from Inachalo river is forbidden because no matter how u cooked the fish from that river it will never get done. It will remain fresh because of the sacrifice and charm use on it. That is the End.

This is how Igala kingdom was liberated from being dominated by the jukun kingdom.

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