The History of Kumbaya (Kum-Ba-Yah)

The History of Kumbaya (Kum-Ba-Yah)

 According to clear  history, the song was first recorded in the early 1920s. However, it is believed to have originated with Southern Slaves in the Gullah language. Gullah is a language that was spoken by slaves that inhabited North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

 The Meaning of Kumbayah

Kum (Qum):  Stand up, arise .
 Ba : Doesn’t have any meaning alone in Hebrew, but may be an abbreviation for Abba, which means “father” (unconfirmed).
  Yah : This word is mistranslated as LORD in psalm 68:4” when referring to the Elohim of Israel.

The  Kum-Ba-Yah lyrics seems to mean “arise father YAH” or “stand up father YAH”, and NOT “come by here” as taught. Few Among the blacks in this century and before now believed that the song was a cry for help from their ancestors to Yah (God of the israelites) in order for them to be freed from slavery. The song was said to be  originally a simple appeal to YAH (God).

Wikipedia does confirm this as well but there is a popular believe that there is a downplay of  the importance of the song and it  connection to slavery.

Part of the reason for concluding that the lyrics are Hebrew in origin is due to the fact that it was sang in Gullah, which is also a Hebrew word.

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