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How To Make The Right Choice Of Institution While Seeking For Admission

Regulation of  school sector is very paramount in all countries of the world where education is highly valued and seen as the major key to economic development and architecture for building human resources. This is why most governments have created ministries and special regulatory bodies that supervise activities of various institutions within the jurisdiction of the country.

There are different names for different school regulatory bodies around the world. In Nigeria, the body in charge of regulating universities is called, National universities commission (NUC). Ads by Eonads
This body is responsible for accreditation, regulation,  and monitoring of activities of universities in Nigeria.

In this case, any university operating outside the prerequisites and guidelines prescribed by this commission is liable to be closed down or termed 'illegal'.

       Implications of attending non accredited universities in Nigeria

Years back, there were different private universities operating within the country without license, these universities had students in thousands and was operating smoothly. Years later, the lists of those universities were published and termed as "illegal universities". Wave of fear griped students and parents who had invested in paying school fees and other expenses associating with schooling in Nigeria. While some proprietors went on their heels to make up and get licence, others were reluctant as most of them were after money not the futures of the students. Many were closed down and students lost their years and resources spent. Some went to other schools, some gave up on education, some got married and  many committed suicide.

As if that was not enough, till date, more of those universities are still opening without license and are airing adverts for their admission forms. This prompted our aim of publishing this article to educate prospective university students seeking to school in Nigeria.

How to find out a university is not accredited in Nigeria 

If you must escape from attending illegal  university in Nigeria then it will interest you to do the following while trying to make a choice of school:

1.  Visit the main campus of the university and ask students that are there already. In this case, make sure you ask more than 5 different students who are ready to talk to you.

2. Search key words on Google  like "is (indicate name of your scool) accredited?" . Do not rely on your findings from Google as some of these universities may be smarter to imput wrong informations online. This means the first step is very important.

After finding out  online and have gone to the campus to inquire, you must not also forget to enquire about the status of the course you want to apply for.

 Functions of National Universities commission (NUC).

National universities  commission is saddled with almost all the regulatory power to monitor and regulate the activities of universities in Nigeria.  Some of these functions are:

1. Responsible for licensing universities in Nigeria

2. Responsible for monitoring and accrediting courses in all universities in Nigeria.

  Why you should make sure your aspiring  course is accredited before applying 

There are different accredited  universities that are offering some courses that are  yet to be accredited by National universities  commission (NUC ). The implication of this have adverse effects on the students' careers as they might be delayed beyond years of graduation. In Nigeria, until a course is accredited by NUC, there will be no graduation for such students in that department. This means, if it takes the university 10 good years to accredit your course then you can only graduate then. This is why you must also inquire about the status of the course you are applying for. Please share to help others.

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Easy Steps To Move Your Blog From WordPress To Blogger using the same domain.

Hellow bloggers in the house, it has been a stressful time trying to move my blog from WordPress to blogger. Finally I succeeded it, I moved all my posts from WordPress to blogger  and still retain my domain.

Blogging with WordPress is fun and easy with easy SEO management, social media dirrect blog posting and other benefits but what discouraged me after years of my  labour in WordPress is the  continuous subscription with hard earned money without a tangible  income.

A lot of bloggers who started with WordPress without income might be wanting to migrate their blog  from the WordPress platform to blogger as blogger platform offer free hosting services.

Every blogger wants to minimise cost and also maximise profits. Monetizing your blog under WordPress involves huge monetary  subscription to their premium or business services which cost about $96 and above  annually. Initially I thought after subscribing, I could make much money in a goal, my expectation was dashed to the rock of disappointment as my blog did not generate the required traffic to give me my expectations. I got less than $1 in the whole first  5 months and since then, nothing tangible has added.

My years of labour and building my blog was like, "all for no avail". Months running like twinkle of an eye, another year is coming and I will have to pay another subscription to keep my domain name and also access some of their services. After long pondering, I had to protect my self from this fear against expiration of my subscription. What discouraged me most  is that, with the heavy subscription in WordPress premium, customers are not allow to add adsense code to their blog as their head to head html where you can add third-party advertisement code is secured and protected by wordpress. I got discouraged and I had to look for way out as I don't have much money to keep spending. I found blogger platform as my next alternative as I don't have to pay for subscription. This means I can still be writing to my audience from year to year on blogger without paying except for just domain name.

The fear of losing my domain after I have created much traffic on WordPress later  compounded me, I had to go on research about how I can migrate all my posts from WordPress to blogger and still retain and  maintain my domain name. In the course of my search, I didn't get all my answers from one source so I decided to communicate the easy steps you can migrate all your posts from WordPress to blogger and still retain your domain name.

 How to move your posts and domain from WordPress to blogger platform

If you are migrating from WordPress to blogger, the first step is to export all your posts from your website to your device.


How to export all your posts from WordPress site to your device: 

1. Open your WordPress app and go to "view admin"

2. Locate " tools"

3. After clicking on tools you will see a drop down as shown in 2 above. Click  "export" and all your posts in your website will be saved in you device.

Note: in your file, the post will not be in plain writing  but html form. Don't worry, it will automatically convert to normal post when you have  imported it to your blogger in the steps bellow.


1. Go to blogger platform and create account with just your email and password as login I.D.

2. Create a New website for free. Note: your website should look like, www.yourdomain.blogspot.com.

3. Go to settings. You will see a drop down, click "others" .

4. After clicking "others",  look towards your right in your computer and click "import"

5. Your  device will take you to your file, just click your file location where you have saved the post you extracted from your WordPress. All your posts will be in your new created website in blogger platform.


The next step is how you will add your domain name to your new created website in blogger. I.e, how  your www.yourdomain.blogspot.com  will  become  www.yourdomain.com .

In this steps, it all depends on where you first bought your domain. We will be explaining in this post assuming you bought the domain from WordPress and now want to use it in blogger platform.

The first thing you have to do here is to transfer the domain from WordPress to godaddy.

How to transfer your domain from WordPress to  godaddy

To transfer your domain from WordPress to godaddy, go back to your WordPress account and locate your domain, go to domain management and make your domain " public", after that, proceed to "transfer  domain to another registrar". You will see lists of  different registrars, just click godaddy. You will receive your transfer code via your email. Go to your mail and copy the code then proceed to go daddy . Read more details on how to transfer your domain from WordPress to godaddy


After copying the code, proceed to godaddy and sign up. After signing up, search for the name of your domain in godaddy. You will see this picture bellow

Proceed to imput your transfer code as shown below

After inputting your code, click continue. You will be charged  less than $10  depending on your domain.

For more details on step4, click here

      After you have successfully transferred your domain to godaddy, go back to your blogger platform and go to settings=>basic=> then look your right, click on "add third party url to your site"

Type your domain name. I.e, www.yourdomainname.com. After that,   Click save. You will see a text in red like this in this picture

Click the second green text, i.e,  "settings instructions" . You will be re-dirrected to a new page. Scroll to step three in the new page and write down this numbers as shown I the picture bellow


Go back to godaddy and locate your profile, click on the transferred domain and come back here to  follow the instructions here.

After the process in the video, you should have all your posts and domain running in blogger. Congrats!!!

Please share to help other beginners!!

Sunday, 25 August 2019

History of Owukpa people of Nigeria.


  As Africans may say, "no ethnic group fell from the sky", this clears the reason why it is a general believe that every ethnic group in Africa and beyond have history. To day we bring to you a clear and well researched history about owukpa people of Nigeria.

 Owukpa is one of the ancient villages  in the present day Benue state of Nigeria . The people of owukpa is said to be blood related as they all sprang from single father called Amuche Onomo. The Amuche onomo is believed to have  migrated from the present day Ikemu in isi-Uzor local government area of Enugu state. He was said to be hunting from the far land when he encroached the empty tick forest full of Bush mangoes. He saw the  fertile land, full of animals and  decided to settled under one of the numerous Bush mangoes (ogbonor trees).

He became very comfortable in the empty land and also  got married after years of exploring the land. He later got married and had 6 male children. Amuche Onomo, the father of owukpa gave birth to six children and these six children make up the present day major  clans in owukpa. However, In 1977, one of the clans out of  the six decided to divide into two. Subsequently, the government of the state  granted and politically recognised each of the divided clans  as separate entity. 

The children of Amuche onomo who is the father of  owukpa community are as follows.

(1) Ogwuche Ekwo
(2) Okpe
(4) Agbo Ogri
(5) Ai-Amuche

Okpe is the clan that  later divided into two.  After Ai-Unwaba sprang out, okpe later became two separate clans. This gave birth to the present day saying that "Owukpa is made up of seven clans".

          How Owukpa Was Named

When Amuche Onomo who is the father of owukpa first settled under Ogbonor tree ( Bush mango) in the present day Ipole Owukpa,  there were Igbos who already inhabited Ubolo, Amala, Veti, Ovoko, Ihaka and other present day Nsuka-Igbo villages. They were predominantly farmers and traders. In Nsuka language, Bush mango is called 'Okpupka' . The traders among the already settled neighbouring villages mentioned above  usually passed through the front of the 'Okpukpa' (bush mango) trees where Amuche Onomo settled down in Ipole owukpa. Amuche Onomo was always being described as "man who lived under 'Okpukpa' (bush mango) by traders  who always traveled through the front of his  abode while going to Orokam, Otukpa,  Otukpo, etc. It was by this means that the children of Amuche onomo were being called Okpukpa children and later when life expanded, populations and interactions with other languages became much, the 'Okpukpa' was later pronounced as 'Owukpa'. This is how Amuche Onomo children adopted the name 'Owukpa' .

      Owukpa is blessed with numerous  mineral deposits. One of  which is coal. The coal was being mined years back but along the line, the economic melt down affected the mining activities.

Owukpa are loving people and they are predominantly farmers and traders.

Any contribution, observation or additions? Please share with us in the comment box.

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Download 'How market' by intelligent Boy.

'How market' is the latest Idoma song by intelligent. the Idoma talented actor, intelligent has broke into the heart of Idoma market women with his new song 'How market'.

In the song, he encouraged all market mothers struggling to be patient even if they don't sell.

Download the song ===> Download

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How To Apply For Civil Defence, 2019/2020 Recruitment.

Ochesy.com walked around some business centres within the metropolis of kaduna and have found out that applicants are finding it difficult to find the official portal of the Nigeria civil Defence. This prompted us to have researched on easy ways applicants can register without stress. To apply for the Nigerian civil Defence 2019/2020, click here

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The ancestor of idoma was Oma. Oma had many wives and begot many children too. One of his sons was Idu. Overtime, Idu Oma has been shortened to "Idoma". Igala, Etilo, Ette, Afor, all share common ancestry with idoma. That accounted for why "Idoma" had lived with Attah of Igala in Ida for long.

Idoma, then decided to move out of igala land in search of an independent homeland. Consequently they left igala land in batches at different stages in the 18th century, and settled at different locations according to their clans in the present day idoma land.


Idoma gave birth to many children, one of whom was Ede. Ede was the founder of Edumoga, Edumoga literally means "Ede mlo Oga" He gave birth to Abba Idiga and Agbo. Abba Idiga gave birth to Ekeh, while Agbo gave birth to Onakpata.
From these people emerged the Edumoga nation.

ONAKPATA bore Abba Ehaje (Edumoga Ehaje) and Abba Ehicho.
ABBA EHAJE bore Oladegbo, Olaidu, Ojigo, Opialu, Amuhu, Ogomotu, Ojapo, and Akpoga.
ABBA EHICHO bore Amejo and Okonobo.
AMEJO comprises of Ogbodo, Opidlo, Ogene, Ichakwu, Ijege and Olanyega.
OKONOBO includes Iwewe, Okpafie and Eboya.
ABBA IDIGA gave birth to Ekeh.
EKEH gave birth to Ede, Ode, and Abba.
EDE bore Omlokpo and Obotu. Ekenebi is of matrilineal descent from Omlokpo.
ODE bore Ogblega and Aokpasu.
ABBA gave birth to Etukwu and Onyeke.
ETUKWU bore Olengbecho.
ONYEKE bore Amuche and Onyilo. Their mother was Onojo.
AMUCHE fathered Ajide, while ONYILO fathered Ogblo.

Edumoga has six clans. In order of seniority they are: Eke, Onakpata, Ugbokolo, Ai-Abba Icho, Akpodo and Ingle. The last two are matrilineal descent and so are not eligible for beaded chieftancy of Edumoga.
UGBOKOLO is a separate unit of igala descent that has been granted citizenship and incorporated into Edumoga, with equal rights and responsibilities. That was why Agbamu Okoh from became the third chief of Edumoga kingdom.
Edumoga, one of the three districts of Okpokwu local government area of Benue State; the other two being Okpoga (the local government headquarters) and Ichama.
To its northern end lies Ochobo in Ohimini local government area, on its southern end lies Otukpa in Ogbadibo local government area. Okpoga is to its east, while Olamaboro community (in Kogi State) is to the west.

The Very first chief of Edumoga was from Eke. He was Ikwumonu Okpotu (Ikwumonu Onyebe), from Olengbecho. The second Chief was Idibia Onoja from Ojigo (Ai-Abba Ehaje). The third chief was Agbamu Okoh from Ugbokolo Akpali. The fourth chief was Aba Ujah from Okpafie (Ai-Abba Icho). The fifth chief, not beaded, was Daniel Adrugba from Opialu. When Daniel Adrugba died, no one has taken the crown but the chief of Eke is extending his rule. Eke is the eldest son of Ede. The headquarters of Edumoga kingdom is Olanyega.

The majority of Edumoga people are Christians while few are still practicing idolatry of what their forefathers left behind for them.

The Edumoga people has two majors market they use in transacting businesses, they are Ekeh Market in Olengbecho, Afor Market in Ugbokolo.

They are predominantly farmers and hunters.