Brief History Of EKEH PEOPLE In Edumoga Land, Okpokwu.

Brief History Of EKEH PEOPLE In Edumoga Land, Okpokwu.

Ekeh is one of the wards in Edumoga land, Okpokwu LGA, Benue state.
They are good and hospitable people anywhere you come in contact with them, the likes of igbos, Igala, Egede and Hausa's family can testify to this fact of how they're being treated with love, respect and support.

Currently, the Councillor Representing the good people of Ekeh ward is Engr Dan Atayi who also double as The Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman Committee on Information, Petition, Ethics and Privileges. At Okpokwu Local Government council, Okpoga.


These are five clans that make up of Ekeh land: EDE, ODE, ABBA, EKENOBI, AND OGODUMU. Of these it is only first the three that are eligible for beaded chieftaincy in Eke because they are of direct direct patrilineal descent from Ekeh, while the last two are matrilineal descent.
Ogodumu is of matrilineal descent from Abba. Ogodumu's patrilineal home is ugbogi in Apah LG. That account for why they pay allegiance to different ancestral spirit (Ekwu). Their Ancestral spirit is Alekwu Afia while that of is Ekwu Nokwu (the great spirit).

Currently, Ekeh has twelve autonomous community; these are: Omlokpo, Obotu, Ogblega, Aokpasu, Olengbecho, Ajide, Ogblo, Ekwuu, Jericho, Ai Okete, Ogodumu, Ipoya Obotu.
Note: Ipoya Obotu has been granted autonomy by ethnicity, they hail from Apah L.G.
Ekenebi comprises Jericho, Ekwuu, and Ai-Okete Ekwo.


The first chief of Ekeh was IKWUMONU OKPOTU (Olengbecho)
Second Chief: ADEJO ADAH (Ogblega)
Third Chief: ONUM OGWUCHE (Obotu)
Fourth Chief: ADAH OTANWA (Ajide)
Sixth Chief: SS ABBA (Omlokpo) current holder.
The Chiefdom of Eke rotates from the senior clan to the Younger ones in succession, normally after the death of the Title holder. Eke has 3 Major Clans namely: Ai'Ede (Senior Clan. With villages as Omlokpo, Obutu); Ai'Ode (Second, with Ogblega and their maternal Brother of Akpasu); Then we have the Younger Clan as Ai'Abbah ( the largest clan in population and it has villages such as Olengbecho-the senior in AiAbbah, Ajide- the next to Olengbecho and the Younger Brother as Ogbulo, Olengbecho is half Brother to Ajide and Ogbulo with Paternal blood line, while Ajide and Ogbulo have same Mother). However, we have the two other clans from maternal bloodline that adds up to the 3 Clans of Eke: the Ekenobi(Jericho inclusive) and Ogodumu which is after Olengbecho. So literally, Eke now have 5 Clans.

The title of the Clan is called Oglegba of Eke. And the Paramount Head is Chief SS Abah of Omlokpo, while the 2nd in Command is called Alapa of Eke ( the one to succeed him after his death. Right now, the Alapa of Eke is to come from the AiAbbah Clan (Olengbecho precisely) which is Chief Controller Godwin Abah Apeh. Note that Eke is the Senior to the whole of Edumoga and the title to that which the Oglegba of Eke doubled as the Paramount ruler of Edumoga is called Ede of Edumoga. So, u could address any Eke Son as Ede and Oglegba at the same time. It is a double honour!


Among the descendants of idoma who migrated from kwararafa in Apa or by some scholars said idoma migrated from Idah in igala land, Be that as it may, here were the three children of Abba Eke (i.e Etukwu, Amuche and Onyilo). As they journey towards their permanent homeland, they had a stopover at Agadagba around 1812. As they got ready to resume their journey from there, one of their expectant mothers went into labour. Then one of the elders announced in riddles that they had to postpone their their journey because "AGADALEGBA" (literally meaning, there is a jam in between the thighs). That then was the origin of the name of the village, Agadagba.
When eventually they moved from Agadagba, what we have as Ai-Abba in Eke today came and settled in Ikpakwu, Present day Omaikpo, around 1814. The name Ikpakwu came from the shrine of a deity called Akwu whose minister was Okpanya Onjebi. People went there to consult the deity through its minister in their time of need. When going there, they would say they that they are going to Ikpo-Akwu, that is, the foot of Akwu.
From Ikpakwu much later, these three brothers expanded with Etukwu moving to Olengbecho, Onyilo to Ogblo and Part of Amuche moved to Ajide and remains in Omaikpo to-date. An that was how the five clans that made up of EKEH came to beared.


Ekeh has one major market situated at Olengbecho which serves the whole of Edumoga Land and others idoma nation including neighbouring towns do came together every five days in a week to transact goods for goods and service for services.


They are predominantly farmers and hunters.


They all practice Christianity while some few practice and worship anjenu deity till to-date.

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  1. Echor Akla Iduh31 July 2019 at 02:48

    Nice one sir, but can you tell me more about the inhabitants of the present days Agadagba district? Because the A’Abusa clan of the present days Otukpo community whose patrilineal home is Agadagba, i want to know more about them.

  2. Watch out for the next history of Agadagba and how they found themselves in the present location.

  3. Watch out for the next history of the Agadagba people and how they came into their present location