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Owoicho is always looked upon as OWONOFIYE or OWODUDU, that's almighty and Omniscient. But since He is too physically removed from the physical world, just like other beliefs: Hebrew, Greek etc there is need for intermediary. It is now the Chief priest or the OCHE who act as the intermediary between mankind and the supreme God, Owoicho as the Oche is the ruler of the community.In many Idoma cultures, the Oche is also the chief priest of Idoma religious cults and in some circumstances Oche is different from the chief priest. Idoma worships  Owoicho (The supreme God)- Aje (The outstanding Earth)- Alekwu (Ancestral Spirit)

In 1981, Prof Erim state that the owoicho is a personality that exist beyond the physical.

Aje: The Aje is so important to the Idoma religious belief that Each kindred group established on Earth shrine within its OJIRA (gathering) and in most cases the chief priest of the Aje is the Oche. In this Capacity he is referred to as the ADALEKWU (father of the dead). In Idoma belief, the dead members of the kindred were paradoxically alive. In other words, death did not remove the dead from the kindred membership.

When an Idoma person dies after living a morally sound life, died at ripened age and has been giving a complete funeral rites, he or she transmigrates and joins the communion of ancestors owing to the belief that ancestors are the closest to the living out of all spiritual realities in which the supreme being Owoicho can be reached. The Alekwu ancestors are known as the living dead because of the physical cessation of life and the continuation of life in the sprit realm. With this we can come to conclusion that Idoma people believed in the immortality of the soul as the Greek philosopher Socrates.

I can boldly classify Alekwu into

Alekwu Oche

Alekwu Aje

Alekwu Affia

The Alekwu that is not applicable and believed by the ancient idoma belief base is 'Alekwu Iho'

The Alekwu Oche is what was just discussed, the soul or spirit of the person that survived and carry on after the death of the person either on this Earth or in the spiritual realm.

Alekwu Aje: The God of Idoma from the Onset is Owoicho, there was never conflict between Alekwu Aje and Owoicho until the coming of modern religion.  Alekwu Aje is said to be a sacred and vengeful against all forms of profanities of the  cultures of the people. Alekwu Aje feast of annual remembrance is a traditional religious feast where practitioners communicate spiritually  and makes sacrifices in worship of their ancestors across the land.

Inspite of westernization that brought about christianity presently dominating the belief base of idoma people, the celebration of Alekwu  at the beginning of February or March in places like Adoka, Ugboju and Otukpi while in places like Orokam, Otukpa and Owukpa stretches to July and August is till date a great feast.

The Alekwu maintain ethics, justice, peace, respect and dignity for each other, but with the advent of Christianity and Islam many are fast these days to accuse of decay of the Alekwu proclivity on foreign cultures.

But this practice are still relatively intact in Owukpa, Orokam and Otukpa districts.

Alekwu according to the beliefs of idoma people, it is capable of rewarding and punishing obedients and violators of the norms of the land. According to the tradition,
 a woman of any  ethnicity  is automatically subjected to The oath of The Alekwu  when she  marries a man of idoma origin. Alekwu chastises unfaithful woman by causing unexplained circumstances to work against members of the offending family. In  another belief, when a male in idoma land commits incest, he would likewise incur the wrath of Alekwu, except he confesses and right rituals be performed to pacify  the spirits. In same cases of unfaithfulness, the chastisement fell on the wife until she confess and if the husband is aware of the unfaithfulness and attempted to conceal the act, he automatically becomes the victim, and if no ritual rites is carried out with confession can eventually lead to sudden death. (ONE HAS TO BE CAREFUL, MANY ARE GONE THROUGH THIS ACT).

Also in a case the husband is innocent, the first born son became the victim. Absent of confession from the wife and mother of the son, the son dies, in most cases seven days warning.

Alekwu Affia is popularly said to  represent the souls of the spirit of the anceators in physical form. It couold be in form of  man or masquerade. It is also a funeral ritual representation of the dead during which the spirit of one's deceased parents is appeased by preparing a special masquerade, which represent the reincarnated deceased person. It comes up when necessary and it stays three days. Alekwu Affia or  Eyanokwu, or Ogrinya, also known as, Ewunokwu masquerades. Always  appear united in the night. It also appear during the death of a king  (Oche) and districts heads. The masquerade  act as an anchor and director to escort the spirit of idoma kings and chiefs  to the land of the death (Ekwu bu Inu and Ekwu bu Eche).

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All You Need To Know About Pig Farming

Pig, otherwise known as swine is a specie of animal that is said to be very dirty but reach in meat. Not every one eats pork, to some, they just don't like it while to others, they do not eat pork for religious reasons. Some part of Christian religion does not eat pork so is Islam. Conversely, some communities eats pork as one of their favourites .

Things  to consider while going into pig farming are:

1. Your market

While choosing  pig farming as a business, you must consider the environment you are. As stated earlier, there are some religions that forbids pork as edible meat. Starting pig farming  in a religious community where pork is forbidden  can be very challenging. Your challenges will range from attacks on you and your farm down to where you can sell the animals.

2.Your financial status

Getting the required foods for your big farm  can be very challenging, if you are not financially boyant then you must think twice before going into the farming. Pigs eats a lot so you must have at least small amount of money on ground after getting the first set of your piglets on ground.

3.Your structure.

Pigs must be properly housed as they are very destructive. You must have a strong structure to house your pigs if you want to enjoy the farming. Allowing your bigs to roam about may create a lot of problems for you.

How To Farm pigs

There are several technics pig farmers  can use in in order to be successful in the Business. In this post, continue reading to understand  local and natural ways of farming pigs

1. Get the structure

You can use strong woods, bab wires, irons or blocks to construct big house. The choice of the house for your pigs should depend on your pockets and environments. Which ever material you might want to use, do make sure it is a quality one. make sure the floor of the house is not plastered. This will enable your pigs have a more natural life.

2.Get a water source.

Pigs likes water so you must make sure you have a steady water supply to the house.

3.Get a male and female pigs (piglets).

You can get more than one or two females if you wish. Though it all depends on how you want to start the farm. There are different species of pigs. Some pigs  are  long and slim while some are short and fart. There are  other species that are long and very fat. The best specie is the one that is tall, long and also big. Before getting the piglets, make sure you see the mother and may be also see the male that crossed their mother. If they are tall, big and long then you can go for that specie. The reason is that the tall, long, and big sells more than other species and also easy to maintain.

4. Pierce the nose of your piglets and fix a ring

This system is not known by many farmers. Ringing the nose of your piglets prevent them from being destructive. One of  the destructive weapon  that pig has is the nose. They use it for digging. The nose is so strong that it can dig six feet down if given the opportunity. With the ring on their nose, they feel pains and stop digging Each time they want to destroy.

5. Deworm all your  pigs on regular basis

Worms can easily shrink and  kill pigs, it is one of the diseases that attacks pig farm. Deworming  your pigs regularly will enable them grow plumpy.

6. Local foods for pigs

Some Pigs are not  selective when it comes to  food. They eats almost every foods that human being consumes. The choice of foods for your pigs depends on how they are brought up. Some bring up their pigs to eat only cooked foods, some bring up theirs to eat salted raw foods while some trained their pigs to eat all forms of foods. The choice depends on the farmer and the environment.

In an environment where the pigs are to be left outside, training them to feed on only cooked and salted foods will prevent them from eating planted crops.

Note: building your pig house under a three is very good as they don't like high temperature. The situation where you don't have trees to build the house under, you can create the shadow through any other materials.

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How To Sincerely Reform Electoral System.

When a good king is on throne, the people enjoys but when an evil king rules, the people suffers. To ensure good and sincere leadership, the process through which such leaders are maked must be a sincere process and free of all Malpractices. Every country has their electoral body. The electoral body of any country is responsible for the credibility of a given election. Electoral bodies are said to be independent of all external controls but the reality of such statement is what I am yet to see in a country like Nigeria. The Independent National Electoral Commission is the body responsible for conducting elections in Nigeria. The Use of ballot papers in electing leaders is common across different countries of the world. It is seen as the best standard for electing leaders. Some  countries  adopted electronics voting and such countries seems to be more free of Electoral chrisis. Hardly to  hear disagreements on outcome of elections in countries like Netherlands that have adopted electronics voting. Also,  Other counties like, France and  Canada that uses electronics voting remain the top countries that seems to have elected leaders that reflects the choices of the people. Some  Countries that uses paper ballot for voting has so far recorded crisis and blood flows after elections. What about several court cases over disagreement on outcome of elections?

In Nigeria, the ballot system of voting is highly abused. It is Obviouse that many are disenfranchised technically by the electoral umpire. The Use of malfunctioning card reader makes it worse for voters. The most painful part In Nigeria electoral processes is the stressful nature.

From  inception of democracy till now, I can categorically state that Nigeria  has not conducted a real credible election. It is either the ballot papers are thumbprinted secretly while voters cue under heavy sun to waste their time or the results are formulated. Only  few election results have ever reflected votes casted. The security bodies in Nigeria has never helped in ensuring credible elections. They have all worked for the benefits of the rulling government or for the most powerful or highest payer. Many Governments has never been sincere to reform electoral system as administration has come and gone.  Does this means they have no idea on how to solve the problems that have characterised election processes? I guess many government has ever been sincere about this.


From my research so far, I have found out that the best way to vote in a country with high corrupt leaders is electronics voting. Ideally, Using electronics will likely limit the chances of rigging during elections.


I have argued with several people that the best system of voting in Nigeria can not be the use of card reader and ballot papers as that has not yield good results for the betterment of the country.

I am very optimistic that Nigeria is a great country but with high corrupt leaders. A country full of people with high I.Q and hard working citizens. What ever the government sincerely wanted to do is what they have achieved so far. Example, reformation of banking system. Today, Nigerians no longer have fears in saving their money in banks because of how it has been structured. To curb excessive looting, the government mandated unifications of banking system through Bank verification number (BVN). Through this number, all your bank accounts are linked. If one Nigeria equals to a unique BVN that is generated per finger print then why can't the government bring such system to electoral processes by adopting electronics voting where it can be one vote per finger print? what happened to Nigeria electoral system? I must suggest that the best way to carry every one along during voting must be through electronics voting. Let me show you step by step on how government can do this.

1.generate one code per persons up to 18 years through finger print

2. All citizens above 18 should have  his or her voter's card that is bearing the person's name and coded  numbers

3. A large displaying electronic voting machine per polling units. Such machine must be able to capture finger prints and record.

4. A large and visble  screen in an open area across all local governments  that will be displaying each vote casted for citizens and observers  to be seeing.

5. If you want to vote, simply go to your polling unit, swipe the screen of the voting electronic machine to the political party you want to vote for and put your tomb or any finger there. By doing so, it means you have voted for that particular political party.

6.If a finger print is manipulated, the number associated with such maniputed finger print will be rejected or recorded as one by the voting machine.

7. The machine will reject all attempts to vote twice and sound an alarm to alart security personnels.

8. Political party agents is to gather and  see the vote reading and take notes.

9.Cameras will be mounted in all polling units to monitor all activities.

10 A law will be passed that will compell age of a teenager to be counted from 18 from the year he or she started voting. In this case,  if a politician is trying to influence teenagers to vote, they will consider the political and legal implications and perhaps  reject such inducement. This will discourage parents and guildians from allowing teenagers to enroll in electoral processes. This might not be a panacea but it will curb under age voting.

With this steps, electoral cases will be easy to be handled by tribunal and Nigerians will see the real voice of the people.

Do you have contritions to this? Please share with us.

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How To Make Tooth Paste At Home

As generations come and go, so does human inventions and uses of commodities. Adopting a certain commodity to be generally acceptable depends on the taste of that market in a given generation. Though some times it depends on the findings of that generation and how such commodity is been modeled. Years Ago, the best trouser was "tight at the tigh but very large on the ground".  As life goes on, different  generations  cames in phases and started to adopt a trouser style of "larger at the tigh but very slim on the ground". The disparities in the major  taste of generation to generation is what we do not know.

There are speculations that the major causes of high rate of tooth problem is the presence of industrial floridedes in some pastes (though not proven). Science proved that fluoride strengthens the teeth but the new speculations is saying otherwise. No matter how sweet, if you must be on the safe side, you are adviced to rinse your mouth severally after using some of the pastes . though there are numbers of ways you can make your tooth paste at home. In this post, we will show you how you can make your own paste.

Centuries ago, what was used to clean the mouth and teeth was chewing sticks and water. Chewing edible  sticks was the best known way of keeping mouth clean . The most important advantage of using chewing sticks is that some, if not all are medicinal. Most of the selected sticks are known to be immune boosters.

What ever that has advantage has it own demerits. The disadvantage of using chewing stick is that it is time consuming, Unlike using brush and  paste that takes lesser time. The task of using edible sticks to clean the teeth needs at least 30m to 1h before you can properly achieve the neatness of your teeth (though it depends).

Some arious items at home  that are agent of teeth whitening?


I have not seen any paste in the market that makes my mouth feel smarter like when I put salt on my brush to brush my teeth. Though it hots the mouth but it can make you have a smooth breath through out the day.

Another active and effective ways of using the salt to take care of your teeth and mouth odour is by using it with hot water. Warm  Water and add some quantity of salt to it. Use the solution to rinse your mouth after brushing. The mixture of salt and hot water also help in curing toot pains. Salt and hot water is one of the solutions that can be used to douse tooth ache. Regular use of it eventually kills the bacterial that is causing the ache.


Ashes does more than  fresh breath, it also a great teeth whitening agent. What you are expected to  do is to put your brush on or in ashes, bring it out and brush. After brushing daily, note the freshness of your breath each day.

3. Charcoal

Charcoal is also a teeth whitening agent. Take a piece of charcoal and make sure you blend it to powder. Use it and brush daily. Note the difference between using charcoal and other substances.


As I will always say, the best cure is Prevention but if you are already sick, the best solution is around us. Science facilitate life for years  and they deserve applaud but nature remain the best solution to all human quests. The quests to bring fresh breath to humanity gave birth to invention of tooth paste. As industrial tooth pasts are said not to be the final solution to bad looking teeth and bad mouth odour, there is another reliable solution to these problems.

The required ingredients for making the local paste are: charcoal, salt, ashes and olive oil

How to use the ingredients to make tooth paste

Blend the charcoal, salt and ashes together. Mix the blended substance with the olive oil and put it in a container. Your healthy tooth paste is ready. This mixture described here  will not just only give you fresh breath but will turn your teeth to white.

Any contribution? Please share with us.

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Brief History Of EKEH PEOPLE In Edumoga Land, Okpokwu.

Ekeh is one of the wards in Edumoga land, Okpokwu LGA, Benue state.
They are good and hospitable people anywhere you come in contact with them, the likes of igbos, Igala, Egede and Hausa's family can testify to this fact of how they're being treated with love, respect and support.

Currently, the Councillor Representing the good people of Ekeh ward is Engr Dan Atayi who also double as The Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman Committee on Information, Petition, Ethics and Privileges. At Okpokwu Local Government council, Okpoga.


These are five clans that make up of Ekeh land: EDE, ODE, ABBA, EKENOBI, AND OGODUMU. Of these it is only first the three that are eligible for beaded chieftaincy in Eke because they are of direct direct patrilineal descent from Ekeh, while the last two are matrilineal descent.
Ogodumu is of matrilineal descent from Abba. Ogodumu's patrilineal home is ugbogi in Apah LG. That account for why they pay allegiance to different ancestral spirit (Ekwu). Their Ancestral spirit is Alekwu Afia while that of is Ekwu Nokwu (the great spirit).

Currently, Ekeh has twelve autonomous community; these are: Omlokpo, Obotu, Ogblega, Aokpasu, Olengbecho, Ajide, Ogblo, Ekwuu, Jericho, Ai Okete, Ogodumu, Ipoya Obotu.
Note: Ipoya Obotu has been granted autonomy by ethnicity, they hail from Apah L.G.
Ekenebi comprises Jericho, Ekwuu, and Ai-Okete Ekwo.


The first chief of Ekeh was IKWUMONU OKPOTU (Olengbecho)
Second Chief: ADEJO ADAH (Ogblega)
Third Chief: ONUM OGWUCHE (Obotu)
Fourth Chief: ADAH OTANWA (Ajide)
Sixth Chief: SS ABBA (Omlokpo) current holder.
The Chiefdom of Eke rotates from the senior clan to the Younger ones in succession, normally after the death of the Title holder. Eke has 3 Major Clans namely: Ai'Ede (Senior Clan. With villages as Omlokpo, Obutu); Ai'Ode (Second, with Ogblega and their maternal Brother of Akpasu); Then we have the Younger Clan as Ai'Abbah ( the largest clan in population and it has villages such as Olengbecho-the senior in AiAbbah, Ajide- the next to Olengbecho and the Younger Brother as Ogbulo, Olengbecho is half Brother to Ajide and Ogbulo with Paternal blood line, while Ajide and Ogbulo have same Mother). However, we have the two other clans from maternal bloodline that adds up to the 3 Clans of Eke: the Ekenobi(Jericho inclusive) and Ogodumu which is after Olengbecho. So literally, Eke now have 5 Clans.

The title of the Clan is called Oglegba of Eke. And the Paramount Head is Chief SS Abah of Omlokpo, while the 2nd in Command is called Alapa of Eke ( the one to succeed him after his death. Right now, the Alapa of Eke is to come from the AiAbbah Clan (Olengbecho precisely) which is Chief Controller Godwin Abah Apeh. Note that Eke is the Senior to the whole of Edumoga and the title to that which the Oglegba of Eke doubled as the Paramount ruler of Edumoga is called Ede of Edumoga. So, u could address any Eke Son as Ede and Oglegba at the same time. It is a double honour!


Among the descendants of idoma who migrated from kwararafa in Apa or by some scholars said idoma migrated from Idah in igala land, Be that as it may, here were the three children of Abba Eke (i.e Etukwu, Amuche and Onyilo). As they journey towards their permanent homeland, they had a stopover at Agadagba around 1812. As they got ready to resume their journey from there, one of their expectant mothers went into labour. Then one of the elders announced in riddles that they had to postpone their their journey because "AGADALEGBA" (literally meaning, there is a jam in between the thighs). That then was the origin of the name of the village, Agadagba.
When eventually they moved from Agadagba, what we have as Ai-Abba in Eke today came and settled in Ikpakwu, Present day Omaikpo, around 1814. The name Ikpakwu came from the shrine of a deity called Akwu whose minister was Okpanya Onjebi. People went there to consult the deity through its minister in their time of need. When going there, they would say they that they are going to Ikpo-Akwu, that is, the foot of Akwu.
From Ikpakwu much later, these three brothers expanded with Etukwu moving to Olengbecho, Onyilo to Ogblo and Part of Amuche moved to Ajide and remains in Omaikpo to-date. An that was how the five clans that made up of EKEH came to beared.


Ekeh has one major market situated at Olengbecho which serves the whole of Edumoga Land and others idoma nation including neighbouring towns do came together every five days in a week to transact goods for goods and service for services.


They are predominantly farmers and hunters.


They all practice Christianity while some few practice and worship anjenu deity till to-date.

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How to survive in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Kaduna state is one of the 36 states of Nigeria. A state that is known for religions crisis but low rate of crime. At the hearing of the name "kaduna", the first question that comes to mind is, "that crisis zone?" It is true that some times crisis occurs in the crocodile city but it is one of the simplest states to survive and make a living. Several closed down factories like the Nigerian textile and other factories are still struggling to pick up in the state. This makes the rate of unemployment to be high. Economically, things are not bad in kaduna as it is painted outside the state. In this post, I will be showing you how you can survive in kaduna without pains.

1. Know how to speak housa or start learning.

There are at least close to 40 different languages in kaduna state but the unique thing in the state is that they all adopt Housa language as their general language apart from the educated ones that makes use of English language. To run a smooth business in the state, you will have to understand Hausa as some of the uneducated ones in the state may not be able to communicate with you. To understand and speak housa gives high advantages in kaduna if you are a business person.

2. Leave in the area where you have people of the same Faith with you.

This is not to paint the state as a Dangerious zone but to let you know the trend of things. The history of crisis in kaduna has virtually divided the state into two. The Mulims in the north while the Christians are in the southern part of the state. By Staying around people who have the same Faith with you in kaduna, you may hardly fall victim when there is a usual religious chrisis.

3. Stay away from crime

If you are a type that is involving in one crime or the other then kaduna won't be a safe place for you. It is one of the best states with high securities. This is because the country's heart of Millitary base is located in the state.

4. Don't talk to people any how

This advice is basically for civilians. If you want to really survive in the state then you must stay away from quarreling with people. This is because you might mistakenly talk to a high ranking Millitary officer and you know what that means. In kaduna, Millitary men are much because that is the state where almost all of them are trained.

5. Learn how to eat different varieties of foods made with corn, local rice and soybeans

Like every Northan states in Nigeria, if you are not the type that cooks your own food your self then you must learn how to eat any thing made from corn, soybeans and local rice. In this state, the major foods that is consumed daily is made from those three grains. For local rice, it is used for making weina, kunu jeda, tuwo shinkafa, etc. For soya beans, it is used for making a lot of local drinks and also for making awara. For corn, it is used also for making weina, local drinks and tuwo masara. Am sure you will enjoy all the foods if you visit kaduna.

6. Cheap foods.

Foods are highly cheap in kaduna state. You can buy tomato that can serve you for the whole year with just less thank 3k depending on the season. What feeds you for a month in states like Lagos may take you for two months in kaduna.

7. Don't expect much wages

As goods are cheap so are services. A transport fare that can take you for just tree kilometers in Lagos may take you to 6 or more kilometres in kaduna. If you earn about 100,000 naira per month from a job in Lagos , you may end up getting 70,000 naira if not less from the same job.

8. Drive with care.

If you want to drive in the city of kaduna state, make sure you see every commercial drivers as "mad" so you can be careful. They can enter into your way carelessly as they are always in a hurry.

9. Low cost of living

As wages are low, so is cost of living compared to other states. There are places in kaduna town that you can still get a room as low as 1,500 naira per month.

Not as you are hearing in the media, kaduna is peaceful and lovely to stay with family.

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Uses Of Palm Trees

Trees are human gift of nature. The uses of different trees to man had being in discovery from centuries to centuries in the the history of both medicine and agriculture. The uses could be For construction, For herbs, for foods, and some For decorations. What ever a tree may be used for, it is clear that all trees have uses. This is why trees are great gift of nature to animals in general. We learnt in our basic science classes about the symbiotic relationship between trees and animals. As trees breath out oxygen, animals takes in the same oxygen. As Animals also breath out carbon four oxides, trees also depend on the animal's carbon four oxides to survive. This is to say that without trees, there will be no animals and without animals, there will be no trees. For trees called palm tree, it's uses seems to be countless. It is a specie of tree that all parts of his body is said to be useful.

Uses of palm trees

Palm trees are trees that their uses can never be overestimated. To some, they may feel as though the uses of palm trees to man is being overemphasised. To be sincere, no part of a palm tree that is not useful to man. Some of the uses of parts of palm trees are as follows:

1. The palm fruits

The palm fruit is used for making palm oil for human consumptions. The uses of the palm oil produced from palm fruits is used in both industries and households. After extraction of the oil from the palm fruits, the palm cannel is used for several things. It can be eaten but mostly used for industrial purposes. It also contains a lot of oil that is medicinal. The chaffs made from the palm fruits is used as fuel for farmers. They are used for making fire, protects foods from burnt, etc.

2. The palm front

In the olden days, the palm front is used to do so many things. It can be used for making baskets, beds, brooms, etc. It is also used for making storage bans, serve as rope in construction work and many more functions.

Baskets made from palm fronts are of many sizes and they are said to have more preservative qualities than others made from other materials. Palm front baskets was used in the olden days as unit of measurement. The big size basket made from palm front is used for conveying agricultural products to market.

Bans made from palm front are also said to have more preservative qualities. It can be used to preserve different kinds of food stuffs. Yams, rice, beans, etc all have a good place to be preserved in bans made from palm fronts

Beds made from palm fronts was mostly used in the olden days in Africa. It is still in use in some remote villages of Africa. It was the best kind of bed for both sick and healthy people in Africa where there are palm trees.

In construction works of our forefathers, the major thing that was used in place of nails was made from palm front. Such string is said to be stronger and durable.

Brooms made from palm front is the best of all forms of brooms. They are used for sweeping rooms and compound of both family public houses. Brooms are said to have some spiritual uses in africa.

3.The body of palm tree itself.

There are many products that can be made from the body of palm trees. The major one we will touch in this post is the palm wine. Palm wine can be produced from palm trees in several ways. It can be done through falling of the tree or by climbing. The best palm wine is the one produced from the up without falling the Pam tree. Palm wine is reach in vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. Palm wine can be used to treat measles, and other ailments.

The body of palm tree can be used as timbers. Decades ago, palm trees was used for big buildings. This is because of it attribute to resist termite attack. Woods from palm trees are said to be one of the strongest timber but only few are using it for that purpose as a result of it Economic uses.

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How To Avoid Shortage Of Power Supply In a Given Community.

Many have concluded that Power outage in Nigeria is an inevitable problem. The reach and the poor experience the menace daily. This brings us to this important discusion. Is there any problem without solution? To me, the answer is no. I have lend my voices through writings and I do know, Nigerians, Africans and the world in general is reading and learning. However, It will not be completed if we do not discuss about Nigerian power supply company.

We have learnt over the years how corruption has killed the power sector. It is either there is no transformer, or the total power supply in the country has gone down. In the case of power supply, Nigerians has classified the power sector as a sector that may hardly be reformed do to government reluctance to do the needful in that sector since the independence of the country. In yearly budgets of the country, billions are released to that sector but it always seems like the more money is paid to that sector, the lesser the power supply Nigerians enjoys.

You may be surprised if I tell you that the major problem of power sector is monopoly. Power sector has enjoyed the power of monopoly since independence. This makes the management of that sector to do what ever they feel is right for them. Poor execution of government policies to cushion the inhuman activities of power holding company of Nigeria has become a thing to worry about. From the era where the company was managed by the government down to this era when it has been bought by a private company, nothing has really changed. In an ideal business settings where there is a rival producer of a given product, efficiency is usually enjoyed by the consumers. In the case of power supply in Nigeria, reverse is always the case, there is always no sertisfaction. It is disheartening that untill either the government provides transformers and electrifies a community or the community through an external or internal help gets the project done else, the sole company that supply power in Nigeria May never bother to extend their services. What about maintainace of some of these instruments that could ensure steady power supply? It is either the community pays to maintain it before having light or wait for the company to remain in darkness. These numerous sharp Malpractices of this sector falls too far bellow global standards.

For these obvious reasons, I would want to discuss possible ways to end this scourge of monopoly. Though it is not a new thing that in Nigeria, you beg to pay for power and also beg before it will be supplied to you. Should we keep waiting till eternity for government of almost 60 years old to reform the sector after failing to do so over the years? No, do not wait! Here are possible ways to reduce problems of low power supply in your community:

2. Community donations.

Another major problem that causes low supply of current and some times no power supply is, over loading of the transformer. In every developing communities, there can be donations from landlords towards the maintainace and acquisitions of transformers to ensure steady power supply to such community. How can this work? It could work by taxing every land lords like about #30,000. This amount multiplied by each houses in a community can buy an extral transformer. In this case, the community has edged against the menace. This amount will be paid by every new houses that intend to use light in that community. This means, there will be more money in the community's account as houses continue to increase and more transformers can be bought.

2. Have a community union on power.

This union will be responsible for liaising with power holding company on the necessary things that should be done as the community's rights on power supply. To me, the union should not be focused much on the rights of the community because by doing so, the company may try to exercise power of monopoly. Remember the rules for getting power in Nigeria, 'you plead to pay, and plead to before being supplied'. Am sure you have being seeing cases where a community was never supplied power but the company will still force the community to pay for the period they never enjoyed the light? Such experience should give the community union on power a straight way on how to make deals with the company.

Please tell us how you feel about this suggestion.

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